Arts And Crafts For Indoor Entertainment

Arts & Crafts for indoor entertainment

The colder days are here, but that doesn’t mean we should put playtime on freeze. Take care of the holiday boredom with a few indoor activities at home that involve arts and crafts and bonding with the family. Let’s take a look at some fun indoor activities you can get up to in the comfort of your home. 


Canvas And Colour For Everyone 


Painting is one of the most fun and colourful ways to keep yourself and the little one(s) busy. At The Crazy Store, you can get canvases and paints galore. There are also a few exciting special items like fridge magnets, toy ponies, masks and more that come with paints for you to create your own design. A fun activity to host indoors could be an art exchange exhibition for the whole family, where you all paint something, bring it to the exhibition and exchange it with another daily member whose artwork you loved. 


You can also get the family into drawing by buying arts and crafts supplies like sketch pads, pens, pencils and crayons so that everyone can really tap into their imagination with ease. 


Charm Sets To Charm Your Guests 


If you and your family enjoy arts and crafts, then the next selection is probably already on your to-do list. Children love being crafty and making stuff because it gives them joy. Spoil them with some arts and crafts for kids, like DIY sets to create their own bags and purses. It can also be a fun way to get a cute gift from your little one(s). 


Another fun painting activity to indulge in is taking leaves from your trees and plants and using them to paint/trace over your canvas. Take some of the fallen leaves and add them to your and your child’s painting activities as decor or inspiration, and make cute art. 


Cook-Offs Are Always On 


Food is a lot of people’s love language, and the art of making food has an intimacy and joy it brings to families. You and yours can have a bake-off or cook-off and prepare some of the family favourites, and have a Masterchef-esque day filled with fun, food and lots of flavour. Get some disposable crockery that will help you complete these fun meals with ease. 


Movie Marathons – Marathons Worth Running This Season 


You and your family should host a movie marathon during these cold days. You can watch a series of beloved kids’ movies such as Shrek, Despicable Me, The Incredibles, and so much more. Make it a themed movie day/night and enjoy some quality time with the family and your favourite stars. 


Final Thoughts 


When it comes to spending time with family, the outdoors are great but not when it is cold. Consider the above tips and bring the outdoor vibes inside when you shop at The Crazy Store this winter. We can’t wait to help you create memorable moments.