5 Christmas activities for Crazy Christmas Cheer

5 Christmas activities for Crazy Christmas Cheer

Christmas is upon us - a time of year when family and friends get together. For moments when there’s an after-dinner lull, we have provided a few holiday tricks for you to keep up your sleeves. Choose one, or a few of these activities at this year’s family get-togethers!

  1. Christmas movie marathon

    Get the popcorn and gather the family because snuggling up and watching the best Christmas movies of all time is the perfect way to create holiday cheer. From classics such as A Christmas Story or a Wonderful Life, rom-coms such as Love Actually and The Holiday, or comedies such as Home Alone or Elf – there’s something for everyone.
  2. Boardgames sessions 

    Families that play together stay together! Family boardgame sessions are what Christmas is all about and a popular holiday tradition for many families. Choose a family boardgame that is fun, easy to use and inclusive for all ages. So, gather granny, granddad, aunts, uncles and kids, pull out one of your favourite games and get ready for some belly laughing fun.
  3. Christmas Charades

    Enjoy a game of Christmas charades and act out some of your favourite holiday traditions and activities – this could be wrapping a present, making a turkey, decorating the tree and more. Just remember, you are not to say a word!
  4. Christmas Cupcake decorations 

    Grab your family and friends to a cookie and cupcake decorating table – with plenty of icing and sprinkles, encourage your loved ones to show their creative Christmas cheer with some fun decorating.
  5. What’s that Christmas song?

    Divide guests up into teams and then challenge both teams to write down the name of the Christmas song after you say one line of the song out loud. You could even have the song play afterwards for a bit of a sing-along!