Our brand

Founded in 1995, The Crazy Store is the largest discount variety chain in South Africa. We’ve resonated with customers through tough times, making us a highly popular and favoured brand with people from all walks of life, who come to us to find great value and variety. With so much for so little, everyone will find something at The Crazy Store. It’s no wonder that many consider it “the smart place to shop”. Let’s explore why The Crazy Store has become such a popular brand...


The Crazy Store gives you the power to stretch your money beyond breaking point on a crazy range of stuff bound to surprise and delight the whole family.

Our business is made up of 18 core categories: Toys, Candy, Gifts, Plastics, Party, Stationery, Kitchen, Bathroom, Baby, Cleaning, Garden, Pets, Hardware, Games, Personal Care, Books, Fashion and Outdoor, making up over 4000 ever-changing value-for-money product lines!

We strive to increase our new product lines by 20% every year and yet, still manage to cram all your perennial favourites into our stores. And as quality is important to us, we extend our quality pledge to our after sales service and in-store returns policies.


The Crazy Store is the place where customers can discover new treasures at ridiculously low prices every day, and our stores are laid out to cater for convenience and ease of shopping.

What’s more it’s a great place to browse and discover things you just cannot find anywhere else! Time and time again our customers comment on how we seem to have the friendliest staff always willing to help and assist. We pride ourselves in always maintaining a colourful, fun, and upbeat in-store image and ambiance, that’s what makes us so unique and why our customers are so loyal year in and year out. Our dedicated store teams are our greatest asset and for this reason we invest significant time and money in the growth, training and development of every single member. We work hard to ensure that every single shopping trip is always enjoyable and exciting. At our stores the customer is always King!


The brand was built on the backbone of a strong rural footprint, as these communities were in need of a discount variety retailer. Over time, we have evolved and branched into many larger shopping centres in Metropolitan areas countrywide and consistently open about two stores every month! 

Our operations now extend into Namibia and Botswana, with plans to expand into the rest of Africa as opportunities present themselves. With stores in almost every town in all 9 provinces, our increasing presence in malls and premium destination shopping centres has contributed to the success of this Consumer Champion Brand.


Quirky, fun, colourful, surprising and proud are words that perfectly describe The Crazy Store – We’re a real treasure chest of a store!

Our mission is to make The Crazy Store the preferred shopping destination by consistently delivering outstanding value and experiences for all our customers. We strive and aspire to be a Consumer Champion, constantly looking for new and relevant ranges that will deliver giant savings.

There’s also a serious side to our personality. Our culture is one of sharing and involvement. A passion for retail permeates throughout our business and at the core of all we do is satisfying our customers. We stand for helping our customers make the most of their budgets.


We have a surprise and delight attitude - surprisingly good value and surprisingly good quality on a surprisingly large range comes standard with a surprisingly rewarding shopping experience.

We’re constantly trying to reward our customers by not only maintaining low prices but by also running fantastic promotions throughout the year on key categories and seasonal shopping occasions.

Where else can you score a great deal on party dress up kits, kids baking or books for the whole family – to name but a few! It’s the only place where you can find some novel original items. We give our customers the power to shop and the joy to discover more than they anticipated. And it’s embodied in our payoff line – “Hey you never know what you might find!”


We have a unique understanding of how our customers feel and think - it’s difficult, unrewarding and time-consuming to find real value these days, and it’s needed more than ever! So we pride ourselves in making that task a little easier.

Our appeal is broad – whether young or old, you’ll always find something at The Crazy Store!

One of our major strengths lies in our ability to service not only a vast rural population but also the urban/metropolitan hubs.  We cater for such diverse target markets, but our primary focus is on the family. Moms can stock up on all their household essentials, find a beautiful picture frame and at the same time, cute toys to entertain the kids. Dads can pick up some handy tools, braai accessories and even a pet bed for Fido. Students will also find a number of cool  items in The Crazy Store that suit and compliment their lifestyle – anything from funky sticker books to pencils with their own fragrances! “Empty nesters” also find great value at our stores as they need to balance their pensions in demanding times. College and university students will find The Crazy Store a lifesaver when stocking up their kitchens and home areas for the first time! It’s simple – if you are after value and variety you’re our customer!


To put the brand in a nutshell...

Whoever you are, whatever you need, you’ll always find something at The Crazy Store - So duck into a store near you and be surprised!