Activities To Bring The Whole Family Outside

Activities To Bring The Whole Family Outside cover image

With the warm summer days requiring a lot of outdoor time with family and friends, you might be wondering what’s the best way to spend quality time together. Do you and your family have favourite outdoor activities or are you always open to trying new things? In this article, we will look at summer activities that you and your loved ones can enjoy and the affordable games and toys you can all get. 

We’re At The Pool, Are You? 

The warm summer days are exciting for outdoor games and activities with family and friends. If you have a pool, then it might be time to get it ready for regular dips and swims. A pool party is usually the first gathering in any pool owner’s mind as it is simple and easy to plan. You can shop pool party decorations and accessories such as inflatable tubes, mats, waist and arm bands, and even balls at The Crazy Store, and if you do not own a pool, worry not; there are inflatable pool options for you in-store too. Challenge your friends and family to some pool volleyball games and have fun in the water together. You can also shop for swimming accessories such as goggles and masks at The Crazy Store for protection while playing. 

Outdoor Games For Everyone 

Can’t figure out what games to play with loved ones? Start small with board games such as Snakes & Ladders, Chess and Checkers. You can divide your guests into teams and always try to put them together based on their different strengths so that each team plays fair. You can also set up rewards systems such as giving them nice gifts from The Crazy Store as prizes. 

Camp Camp Camp 

Whip out the fairy lights and set up a campfire for you and yours this holiday season. We have a range of lighting options for you to choose from for your next camping trip and some outdoor and camping essentials such as torches, braai accessories. Set up a camp-themed night with your family and friends, and play games such as treasure hunts, tell stories by the fire, eat roasted marshmallows and sing some camp songs. Do remember to invest in some sunscreen, mosquito nets, citronella candles and other insecticides to protect yourself and your family and friends. 

Last But Not Least, Have Fun 

It hasn’t been easy being outdoors, and most people haven’t had time to bond with their loved ones amidst the new normal. However, with restrictions easing up and more and more people staying safe, it is becoming easier for families and friends to bond and catch up. Our last but not least fun summer outdoor activity could be a cook-off between you and your loved ones, and it will be a nice way to score some extra recipes to nibble on while having fun. A cook-off can also help you, the host, with more “chefs” helping out with the cooking too. Have fun, and we can’t wait to help you shop for your next outdoor activity at The Crazy Store.