Special Holidays

There’s never a year that goes by without The Crazy Store celebrating our favourite holidays. When the festive seasons come around, year after year, make sure you gather the family for a traditional egg hunt. Or, sit around the Xmas tree, decorating it with a whirl of Christmas lights and decorations. There’s no better way to spend your time than with family. So, when it’s time to come together, make sure you’re stocked up on traditional products and items that will make every moment special.

With the widest assortment of Easter products, there’s a reason for everybody to get excited about the holidays. Get the kids bouncing in the spirit of the bunny, and get them dressed up in bunny hoods and bunny masks that they can colour and design themselves. Even the grownups can wear the cutest pair of bunny headbands. Just don’t forget to buy chocolate eggs and an Easter basket for all the treasures they find!

The celebrations continue with shelves stocked full of Christmas hats, Christmas crackers, and of course, the most essential part of the festive season – a Christmas tree! To find the best Christmas decorations in South Africa, you need to stop by The Crazy Store near you for affordable and CRAZY deals.


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