Let’s be real; office and school stationery shopping is one of the most exciting types of retail therapy. And at The Crazy Store, we make it even more fun. So, if you’re looking for stationery supplies that keeps you entertained while learning and working, then ditch your regular stationery shop and come to one that has so much more.

Whether you’re looking for a scientific calculator for sale, novelty pens or erasers in a variety of colours and designs, you’ve hit the jackpot with us. From unicorn to monkey pens, to ballpens and emoji erasers you'll love, you could say we’re a ruler in the industry. We stock everything from plastic book covers to your scrapbook album essentials. So, stop by your nearest store and get more than your average stationery set.

And, if you’re interested in stationery that colours outside of the lines, check out our variety of general and quirky stationary products like glow in the dark stickers, pom pom pens, and the cutest pencil cases. After all, we bring the CRAZY to your everyday life. Browse this category and fill your basket with all the bits and bobs you need. Click on a product to see if it’s available at a store near you.

Who says a pencil case can’t be a party? We sure don’t. And you don’t have to either.

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