Gifting Concepts

Searching for a unique but practical gift for a colleague, friend or family member? This is often a challenging experience that many can relate to. But when you search in the right place, chances are the gift idea will present itself to you. For example, when you visit a trusted Thingamajig store like The Crazy Store, you’re guaranteed to find the craziest products that make for the best gifting items ever!

We’re talking egg poachers, cutlery boats, mousepads, bottle openers, bookmarks, cable protectors, spectacle cleaning brushes, and so much more! These items can seem conventional, but not when they're part of the Thingamajig family! Steer yourself away from the obvious for a moment and go for a gift that is unexpected. The surprising part is that you may find a gift that they never knew they needed, and the receiver of the gift will be thankful to you for being practical and thoughtful. That person can even be you because you also deserve treasures you can use for a long time.

There’s no better way to do it than to add a little sprinkle of quirk from The Crazy Store! So, head on over to any of our stores near you, and get gift shopping!