When you think about plasticware, you think about plastic containers and water bottles, right? Wrong! Our plasticware range has way more to offer than that. Look through this category to find plastic products that’ll make your life a little easier. Who wouldn’t want that?

Yes, we do stock the classic water dispenser and plastic container, but we also go the extra mile with items like fridge organisers, laundry baskets and rubbish bins.

In this category, you can also expect to find a variety of everyday kitchen and home items like plastic trays, baskets, salad bowls, and more. And just because it’s plastic, doesn’t mean it can’t look fantastic. Check out our dinner plates, serving trays or bowls with beautiful designs to keep your plastics posh.

Enjoy looking around for your new plastic pieces! See something you like?

Click on it to view more detail and find out where it’s stocked near you. We guarantee you’ll head home with all the plasticware you needed, as well as a few items you never knew you did. Go ahead, we know you can’t contain yourself.

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