Stationery, Arts and Crafts

Quick, grab a pen! You'll want to take this down. Are you tired of your stationery items vanishing at exactly the moment you need them? Scratching for a pen, scissor or a stapler, and they're nowhere to be found? There's a trick to help reduce the head-scratching madness – staying organised.

We've got everything you need, whether for your desk at the office, home office or a dedicated drawer with all the stationery supplies that a mini-you may need for school-related exercises.

We also have tons of arts and crafts resources you can organise at a designated area for easy access when you need to get into artist mode. Or, keep them at hand when you need to help your favourite little artist with their school projects. When you visit The Crazy Store, you'll find an extensive collection of colourful art papers, scientific calculators, rulers, highlighters, pens, pencils, scissors, art markers, glue sticks and much more.

Pop by The Crazy Store near you today, and grab something for the pencil case just in case!

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