Electrical Accessories

Tired of the growing frustration of looking for the right adaptors you need for home gadgets and appliances? Are other hardware stores just too costly for your liking? Well, look no further than The Crazy Store and all of our CRAZY affordable deals. Stock up on everything you need and make sure you never have to worry about having the right plug.

You never know when you’re going to need to wrap up a loose wire or find something to keep your stuff together, consider our Mini Glue Gun, Soldering Irons or stock up on our insulation tape and cable ties for sale in-store. Otherwise, if you’re looking for plugs and adaptors, we have the most affordable plugs in South Africa, suitable for any requirement. Check out our stock of twin adaptors, 6-way multi-plugs, an assortment of extension leads, and much more electrical add-ons!

And although we love our CRAZY kids, we wouldn’t want them running around with CRAZY hairstyles, so if you have kiddies at home, wall socket protectors for your plugs are a must-have! And finally, protect your home with an easy-to-use, battery-operated, wireless alarm system that can be used as a door alarm, or can be placed on your window.

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