We all know that reading is fundamental. But, next time you want to get into a good book or keep the kids entertained with an activity book, stop by The Crazy Store for all your reading needs. On your visit, browse our shelves and page through our wide selection of adult and children reading material to keep the whole family's minds alert and creative. Besides, let's face it, there are few things better than the smell of a new book.

For adults, we offer a variety of titles to take you on a journey, be it real or imaginative. Kick back and explore a world of fiction with titles from the likes of Nora Roberts, Lesley Pears and James Patterson. Or, take a walk on the wild side with all the Mills & Boon titles you could ever need. And if your reading needs are less fictional, don't worry! We also offer a variety of recipe books to make mealtime and cocktail evenings so much more CRAZY! Plus, you can keep your mind fit with puzzle and word books to ensure you're having fun while flexing your mind muscles.

But wait, there's more! We certainly won't leave the little ones out. Make learning time a breeze with a variety of activity books, ideal for those special moments teaching the kids new things. And if you're looking to keep them entertained, look no further than our range of picture books, colouring books and sticker books. Let their imaginations go CRAZY and bring them to a store near you for a world of learning and laughing.