Motor & Cycle Accessories

If you’re an avid biker, cyclist, or absolutely in love with your car, give your bikes and cars some special treatment with these motor and cycle accessories. Start your engines with items that leave your car smelling fresh, and make sure you’re never left stranded with a repair kit on the ready. All this and more can be found at The Crazy Store near you, so find what you love and let’s get going!

Nobody likes a hot car or a scolding steering wheel left in the sun, so you should check out our offering of car window shades and sun visors. And if you have kids, perhaps what you need is a car seat organiser to keep the essentials all in one place! Otherwise, if what you enjoy most is a clean, fresh-smelling car, hanging up a car air freshener with your favourite scents is the way to go. And with a wide range of designs and fragrances, you’ll never be left alone with old food smells.

Motorbikes and cycling are both popular modes of transport, and a favourite for outdoor enjoyment! Keep yourself well-equipped on the ride with an assortment of cycling spares and motor accessories such as puncture repair kits, LED light sets, and a chamois for keeping clean.

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