Lighters & Accessories

When we said we have absolutely everything, we honestly meant it. Yes, we even have gas lighters and lighter fluid. So, what are all the different reasons someone might want a lighter?

Maybe you’re a camping fanatic or a braai blitzer. Perhaps you’re planning on proposing with a romantic, candlelit dinner or your birthday’s around the corner. No matter the occasion, we have what you need in all shapes, sizes and colours. We have disposable cigarette lighters, refillable lighters and even windproof lighters.

And because we care about our customers, we want to ensure that you don’t burn yourself in the middle of your romantic proposal. So, you’ll be glad to know that we have long-reach lighters and braai lighters for your ultimate safety. Finally, don’t forget to stock up on lighter fluid. Buy in bulk, or find refills that fit in your pocket. Just make sure you never run out of gas when you need it the most.

Please note: products only available in South Africa.

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