Electrical and Batteries

It's getting hot in here! Hot with flames, sparks and electrical current, that is. Every household will at some point need a lighter, a glue gun or a fresh set of batteries. And while you won't necessarily use these items daily, you'll regret not having them around when they're all you need to get something working. So, pop by The Crazy Store and stock up on batteries and electrical accessories to keep your household running smoothly no matter what.

If you've ever needed to plug in a new electrical item, you'll know that you can never have enough power adaptors around. If you've ever wanted to start a braai fire only to find that the only lighter available has run out of fluid, you'll understand the importance of having lighter fluid at hand in the everything drawer. So, spare yourself the endless frustration and pick up some adaptors and plugs at The Crazy Store the next time you visit. Don't let anything snuff out your flame, simply stop by a store near you and pick up the items you need to aid in your everyday life.

And, next time you need to change the channel, you won't have to yell at the remote because you'll have spare batteries at the ready. No matter the shape, size or voltage you need, we have a set that'll keep you switched on. Finally, tie up any loose ends around the house with cable ties and insulation tape.

Your home is your sanctuary, so don't let anything dull your shine. Especially when a quick trip to your favourite house of CRAZY can sort you out.