Add These Educational Books To Your Home Library

Children's Educational Books

There’s nothing that beats the power of reading! We understand the importance of introducing books to youngsters as early as possible. There is no better way to learn about the world around you and get a few steps ahead in schooling than with a well-curated home library. That is why you can find educational books for all ages when you shop our range at The Crazy Store.

Take the Leap 

As parents, we don’t always know how to start off our kids on their reading journey. We might ask ourselves questions like: Are they too young? Will they be bored? Is this age appropriate? These questions are totally valid, and in fact, we have all the answers. 

Start Today 

At The Crazy Store, we believe that the earlier kids interact with books, the better. You can read to your child before they learn to walk! There are so many incredible benefits to reading storybooks to babies. They can learn to recognise your voice and will also learn the various characteristics of speech such as tone, pitch, volume, and more. Babies from three months up are extremely fascinated by colour and images. Check out our range of best books to educate your child, featuring vivid images to keep your little one’s mind stimulated.

Make Reading Fun 

If there is one myth that we love to break, it is that reading is boring! We believe that reading is more than just words on paper; it is filled with codes that unlock our imaginations more than most mediums. We love TV as much as you do, but consuming television frequently can destroy the way we put together information. Think of it as a puzzle piece – reading gives us the instructions on how to complete the puzzle, while TV gives us the cheat code. It is crucial to cultivate children and provide them with information to problem solve and build their creativity. Books are a fantastic source of information and inspiration. Choose the right type of educational books for kids that will captivate your mini-you, and we guarantee that they will never find reading boring!

Find the Right Fit 

Unless you have an avid reader in the house, it is super important to find the perfect fit when it comes to the books your kids read. Some books may be too advanced in the use of vocabulary and the ideas they present. While our young avid readers might enjoy the challenge, we highly recommend to still find books that are age appropriate. There are millions of content sources out there, and some can cause more harm than good to your little ones. That is why it’s crucial to take it one step at a time when it comes to the stuff your children consume and always be a step ahead in supervising. Check out our range of child-friendly reads that will fit right into your home library. 

Build a Home Library for the Whole Family 

A library is a valuable source of information to those who love learning, but building one doesn’t have to be rocket science. All you need is storage space such as shelves or boxes and a whole lot of books! While books may at times be expensive, we pride ourselves in offering you a wide selection of educational books and novels at affordable prices. Having a variety of books at your children’s fingertips gives them the option to choose reading over other forms of entertainment.


You’d be surprised to see how often they might opt for a little literature over cartoons! And to encourage them to read more, we suggest you create a reward system that they will love. This will instill within them the notion that reading is rewarding.

Spot these Tell-Tale Signs of a Bookworm

Do you think you might be raising a little bookworm? Don’t fret! We know the five tell-tale signs that your child loves reading:


  1. They tend to live in their own little fantasy world
  2. They can finish a book in the blink of an eye
  3. They get frustrated when there are limited options of books available
  4. They look forward to reading in front of the class
  5. They use intricate vocabulary in everyday speech


If any of these signs resonate with you about your child, then you’re off to a great start! Raising a young book lover is a great thing. They learn faster, are more responsible, and have a greater perception of the world around them. Remember, it’s never too early or too late to bring books into your children’s lives!