DIY Photo Booth: Easy Backdrops & Fun Props

DIY Photo Booth

These days, capturing those perfect #InstaWorthy moments is practically a life skill. But who says you need a fancy studio or expensive equipment? With a little creativity and some awesome DIY magic, you can whip up a photo booth that'll be the star of any party (or, you know, just a random Tuesday night with your besties).

Get ready to unleash your inner photographer and channel the party spirit because we're about to dive headfirst into the world of do-it-yourself photo fun. We're talking budget-friendly backdrops, hilarious props, and fun tricks that'll make your selfies look like they came straight out of a magazine (well, maybe a really quirky and awesome magazine).

Backgrounds That Stand Out! 

The backdrop is the foundation of your photo booth magic. You want a backdrop that will complement any outfit but still stands out from the usual plain wall look. Here are some DIY backdrop ideas for your photo booth that are as easy on the wallet as they are on the eyes:

  • The Streamer Spectical: This classic is a winner for a reason! Grab a variety of colourful streamer packs from The Crazy Store and drape them down from a curtain rod or secure them to a wall. You can even create a colourful archway for that extra wow factor.


  • The Vinyl Tablecloth Transformation: Think vinyl tablecloths are just for messy mealtimes? Think again! Pick a bold, patterned tablecloth (like polka dots, stripes, or a wild floral design) and hang it up as your backdrop. Pro tip: For a more polished look, iron out any wrinkles before hanging.


  • The Tinsel Takeover: Dust off those rolls of foil tinsel gathering dust in the cupboard, or get a brand new set from us. String them along the wall to create a shimmering, sparkly backdrop that screams celebration. Bonus points for using different colours of tinsel for a truly dazzling effect!


  • The Fabric Fantasy: Got some old bedsheets or fabric lying around? Put them to good use! This is a great option for a more themed photo booth — maybe try black and gold for a Hollywood night or a starry night sky for a space-themed party.


  • The Poster Powerhouse: We know you have an old poster collection! Round them up and use them as a backdrop! Band posters, movie posters, or even funny motivational ones will add a touch of personality to your photo booth.

Prop Up the Fun: Must-Have Supplies

Now that you've got your backdrop sorted, let's get to the real fun part — the props!  We have a bunch of props for picture ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

The classic fave is masks! From wacky animal masks to superhero masks and funny moustaches, The Crazy Store has a mask selection guaranteed to tickle everyone's funny bone.

Explore our selection of costumes, jewellery, wigs and more, and start playing dress-up. The more outrageous the outfit, the better the picture-perfect memories!

You can also cut out fun shapes like speech bubbles, question marks, and hearts from cardboard and write funny sayings on them. Let your guests express themselves (or invent some crazy dialogue!). Make it even more fun by printing out funny pictures, inside jokes, or inspirational quotes and taping them to cardboard cutouts or sticks.

The Grand Finale: Capture Those Memories! 

Now that you've set up your DIY photo booth, the only thing left is to grab a camera (your phone works perfectly!) and get snapping! Set up a little table with your fun props, and let the laughter and creativity flow.

Pro Tip: For an extra special touch, consider setting up a little instant print station so guests can walk away with their photo booth masterpieces.

Let the Fun Begin at The Crazy Store!

So there you have it! With a little creativity and some awesome supplies from The Crazy Store, you can create a DIY photo booth that'll be the star of any party. Remember, the key is to have fun, experiment, and let your imagination run wild.

Get out there and start snapping those epic photos! Visit your nearest The Crazy Store for all your photo booth needs — from backdrops and props to decorations and costumes. We've got everything you need to make your next event unforgettable.

Happy snapping!