Everything You Need for a Home Redo (Without Going Insane!)

Home Redo Items

Hey there, fellow home enthusiasts! The juggling act of homemaking can leave your space feeling, well, a little cluttered. Toys scattered like confetti, mismatched mugs multiplying faster than flies, and let's not forget the paint splatters on the ceiling from that ambitious — and slightly disastrous — living room refresh. We know all about it.

Fear not! Today, we're reclaiming our domestic domains with a DIY home redo that adds a new twist to your home. We're talking budget-friendly, family-approved transformations that'll have your home declaring, "Move over, there's a new decorating diva in town!"

Step 1: Gather Your DIY Arsenal 

Before we unleash our inner artists on the walls, let's stock up on home redecorating essentials. Think of it as a superhero's origin story, but instead of radioactive spiders, we have paintbrushes and masking tape.

Some of the DIY weapons are: 

  • DIY Tools: Channel your inner Bob the Builder with a trusty toolbox filled with renovation essentials. Don't forget the duct tape — it's the MacGyver of the DIY world!
  • Household Items: Raid your cabinets and cupboards! Empty jars become chic vases, mismatched plates morph into a funky gallery wall and that chipped teapot? It's a rustic planter waiting to happen.
  • Literally Anything: Because, let's be honest, clutter is a household's middle name. Wrangle those toys, blankets, and art supplies with colourful baskets, stackable bins, and shelves that double as climbing gyms.

Step 2: Walls Get Wild (and We Mean Wild!) 

Forget beige walls, homemakers! Embrace the rainbow! Paint samples become your canvas, masking tape your best friend, and splatters are just abstract masterpieces in the making. Let the kids go crazy with handprints and doodles — their tiny Picassos deserve a platform, too!

Here are some ideas for your gallery wall:

  • Frames: Don't let those family photos languish in digital purgatory! Frame them in funky colours, mismatched sizes, and even repurposed wood. Instant gallery wall, zero money spent!
  • Wall Art and Accents: Unleash your inner hunter-gatherer at The Crazy Store. Home decor, quirky clocks, and macrame masterpieces will add texture and personality to your space. Don't be afraid to mix and match — clashing patterns are the new cool!

Step 3: Little Touches = Big Difference 

Now, let's sprinkle some magic dust (okay, maybe just glitter) on the details. Throws and cushions become instant fort-building material, mismatched mugs tell stories over coffee, and colourful lights turn any room into a starry wonderland.

Little treasures you can include: 

  • Glassware: Ditch the boring cups and let your inner mixologist shine! Mismatched glasses, vintage carafes, and even mason jars become quirky drinking vessels for grown-ups and little ones alike.
  • Kitchen Essentials: Even the messiest mealtimes deserve a touch of whimsy! Bake cookies in mismatched tins, serve spaghetti in polka-dotted bowls, and let the kids decorate plates with edible markers. Get funky with your storage solutions and grab a bunch of different colours!

Remember, the key to a successful DIY home redo is to embrace the chaos, celebrate the mismatched, and let your creativity run wild! Your home reflects your family, so make it as unique and vibrant as you are. And who knows, maybe you'll even inspire your little ones to become the next generation of DIY home decor masters.

Now, go and conquer those paint splatters, glitter bombs, and lost masterpieces! Visit our store and grab everything you need to start your DIY job. The Crazy Store is with you every step of the way.