Everything You Need to Know About Themed Picnics

Themed Picnics

Summertime is here, and that means it’s time for hikes, beach days and, of course, picnics. Picnics are one of our favourite summertime activities that get the whole family enjoying some fun in the sun. But let’s not settle for the ordinary because; with the help of The Crazy Store and our trendy picnic party ideas, we will turn your picnic into a core summer memory. 

Choosing the Right Theme 

The theme sets the picnic's tone and will determine your picnic's venue, so choose wisely. 

Consider factors such as the weather and level of comfort you want before settling on a theme.

Here are a few creative theme ideas you can use for inspiration: 

  1. A Luau: Get ready for a traditional Hawaiian party packed with loads of food and tons of fun—this theme is an absolute blast! Encourage everyone to dress up in their favourite Hawaiian-inspired outfits and bring on the island vibes with some awesome beach-style decor. 
  2. Alice in Wonderland: Step into the most magical theme ever! Alice in Wonderland is all about the fascinating world of magic and marvel. This gives your guests a chance to get creative and live their fairytale fantasy!
  3. Bohemian Vibes: We’re talking colourful, baggy clothes, thick comfy rugs and good music. This theme is all about comfort and letting go of your worries. It’s an ideal opportunity to get everyone talking and having a relaxing time together.
  4. Fiesta:  This Mexican-inspired theme is about one thing and one thing only: plenty of good food. Of course, there’s the fiesta-style decor and costume, but nothing makes the experience better than the delicious Mexican cuisine. 
  5. Movie Night: This theme is more for after sunset but still has all the same picnic vibes. Set up an outdoor movie night picnic with a family-friendly fave and get comfy to enjoy a wholesome movie night under the stars. 

These are only a few of the fun ideas you could use as your picnic theme, and we know that no matter the theme, the good times will be rolling. Now, let's get into the nitty-gritty of the perfect picnic: the setting, the venue and of course the munchies! 

Finding the Perfect Paradise 

When it comes to choosing the setting, it goes hand-in-hand with the theme. You want to choose a setting that will perfectly complement the theme of your picnic but also where you are sure there is lots of space for your guests to be spread out.

Just like picking a theme, think about factors like the weather and the season before making the final decision—let's ensure it's all smooth sailing and lots of fun!

We have some ideas or places that would be great for any theme:

  1. The beach: This is one of the most ideal picnic locations for you to consider. Entry to most beaches is free, which makes it accessible to everyone and perfectly spacious for any setup. The beach is a location that can complement many different themes. A great example is the Luau theme. And what makes the beach all the more perfect is that it comes with its own entertainment — the ocean! 
  2. Your backyard: Naturally, the backyard is the go-to picnic spot! What better way to spend a day with the family than having a picnic right in your own backyard—where you can do whatever you like! Any theme you can think of will be perfect for your backyard, as long as it's spacious enough to accommodate all your guests.
  3. A local park or nature reserve: Much like your backyard, this location can accommodate any theme, and although there might be a few restrictions and park rules, being out in nature makes it all worth it! 

These are the ultimate picture-perfect locations for a picnic that you and your guests will not forget!

Getting Decorative and Delectable 

Picnics means having all the outdoor essentials ready to go to ensure a successful outing.. Having the right decoration and ambience for your picnic is what will set the mood for sure. At The Crazy Store, we have party decor that will blow your socks off. From streamers to balloons to many other colourful essentials, we've got you covered!

Now, for the menu, the theme sets the scene for the cuisine. For example, a fiesta will have classic tacos and nachos ready to go, while an Alice in Wonderland theme will have a variety of delicious finger food and a tea party, of course. Regardless of the chosen snacks and refreshments, you'll want to have a cooler bag to keep all your picnic basket essentials cool.

These two steps are an easy win no matter what, as long as everyone is having a good time and enjoying each other’s company, you can’t go wrong!

Final Touches 

A few extra essentials you don’t want to skip out on for your picnic are trash bags to keep everything clean once you’ve had a good time, an umbrella for the sun, and plenty of activities your guests can enjoy. At The Crazy Store you can grab all the essentials to get started, so browse our website and let’s get the picnic going!