Got A Green Thumb? Let us Help with Our Gardening Essentials

Gardening Essentials

Once you go green, you never go back! Whether you are new to the gardening game or a seasoned gardening pro, we have everything you need to ensure that your garden - big or small - is in tip-top shape. It’s time to let your inner gardener run wild this season with the help of The Crazy Store and our many essential gardening tools.

It Starts with a Seed 

So you bought your first seed starter kit; where do we go from here? The precious seed is all you need to begin your journey into the green thumb club. A great place to start is research! Before even settling on which seeds or starter plants to buy, make sure you know all there is to know about the conditions, watering preferences, and types of soil your plants need. 


Ensure you have the right environment for your plants to grow and thrive in. People often forget that certain plants need specific amounts of light and humidity for them to live. So, do as much research as you can to make sure your plants can live long, healthy lives. 

Let’s Get Potted! 

The first step of every gardening journey starts with a few good planting and potting supplies! Different plants require different types of pots. Things like size, quantity, drainage, soil, and fertiliser are all things you need to consider when it comes to potting or repotting your plants.


If you’re opting to plant a few little plant babies into one pot, we would suggest getting yourself one or a few big rectangular pots. This is the perfect green thumb product for anyone just starting their gardening journey.  If you’re planting a row of cute succulents, perhaps opt for a smaller rectangular pot. They are the perfect size for an indoor succulent sanctuary. 


Some plants need regular checking on whether or not they have enough room to thrive. For those who are repotting a singular plant that needs more space to grow, a 30cm round pot is always a great pick for outdoor and indoor plants that need a new home for their roots. When you are repotting, make use of gardening maintenance tools, and even get the kids involved with their very own kid’s gardening set. And remember to always use gardening gloves and protective gear when dealing with the more spikey plants 


With most plants, choosing pots with draining holes and trays is ideal to ensure your plants don’t get over-watered. It is also important to remember that the size of the pot can determine how big the plant can grow. If a pot is small, it will likely restrict the plant's growth, so always check if your plants are in a big enough pot every 4 - 6 months.

Grow with the Flow 

Every garden, whether it’s produce or house plants, has different watering cycles. While some plants need watering every other day, others only need water every other week. Although many plants don’t need to be watered often, it is essential that you use a spray bottle to mist them before drying them off. This helps your plants absorb as much light as possible and keeps them from accumulating dust. 


Don’t be afraid to get decorative with your garden and add a row of solar power lights to light up the path. Maybe even through a cute little gnome or two to add some fun character to it. Gardens are always bring a world of wonder to a space, whether they big or small  

And Finally, A Touch Of Petal 

The Green Thumb club is not for everyone, but once you start giving it a go, you’ll find that there is something rather fulfilling about getting down and dirty with nature. So, there is always room for everyone when it comes to gardening, and we suggest getting your research going and shopping for all your essentials at The Crazy Store.