Have the Perfect Beach Day with These Tips and Tricks

Perfect Beach Day essentials

The feeling of the warm sand between your toes and your skin soaking up the sun. The sound of the waves crashing on the shore and the beautiful ocean smell – the beach is a truly magical place. Nothing compares to having an unforgettable beach day with your friends and family

Even though the beach is all fun and games, you want to make sure that you are fully prepared for a day in the hot sun by taking along all the much-needed essentials. With the help of The Crazy Store, we have a list of the ultimate tips and tricks to ensure your family beach day is a success. 

What to Pack

The first tip is to pack smart, and by smart, we mean light. The beach only needs a handful of essentials, and two of the most important items are a swimsuit and a beach towel. Forgetting these two items will turn your beach day into a bad day. 

The most important items to bring along are hats, sunglasses, sandals, a water bottle, a change of clothes – especially for kids – and most importantly, sunscreen. Even though soaking up the sun feels amazing, it can be harsh and cause damage to your skin, so sunscreen is non-negotiable!

You want to grab sunscreen that is at least SPF50 to ensure you are protected. Remember to reapply your sunscreen after every dip. To ensure a cool and comfortable spot to unwind at the beach, don't forget to bring an umbrella, as shade is a rare find.

Cooler Box Essentials 

Now that the not-so-fun tips are out of the way, it's time to focus on what matters most: the snacks. Everyone knows that beach snacks can make or break a beach day, but before you can stock up, you’ll need a cooler bag and some ice bricks. This dynamic duo will keep your drinks cool for you to enjoy at their best temperature.

For the perfect beach day meal, think sandwiches and crackers with tasty toppings; but when it comes to beach snacks, picture juicy watermelon, sweet grapes, and a mix of your other favorite fruits—it's all about that delicious beach feast! Of course, there will also be an array of tasty sweets and chips, but there's nothing quite like fresh fruit on a hot summer beach day.

Beach Day Entertainment 

While the sea is fun, there are other awesome activities you can do at the beach that don’t involve getting wet, like building the ultimate sandcastle. Building a sandcastle is a family beach day essential, so get the whole family involved and have a sandcastle-building competition! 

All you need is a beach playset that comes with a bucket, a spade and other cool shapes, and you’re ready to build a tiny version of your dream mansion right there in the sand! 

Bring out the beach ball and initiate a lively game where the mission is to keep the ball from touching the sand—this exciting activity will get everyone moving and engaged, and diving around. It’s a game filled with laughter! This is only one of the many cool games you can play with a beach ball, so get creative and have fun!

Final Words 

So get ready to spend the day having fun and making memories with your favourite people. There’s nothing more magical than spending the day at the beach and appreciating nature! 

Let's have some summertime fun and shop at The Crazy Store for many beach essentials and more!