At-Home Date Ideas To Share The Love

At home date ideas

Are you looking for special ways to show your significant other that you love and appreciate them? Maybe you need to complete a gift with a romantic gesture. Well, let’s take a look at some stay-at-home date ideas for couples and romantic dates you can have at the comfort of your home. 

Spa It Up 

A spa treatment gesture can help your partner feel relaxed. You can make it something as simple as a manicure and pedicure treatment with some homemade drinks and delicious snacks. Treat them to a spa experience and get them to relax while you, with the help of our manicure set, make their hands and feet look amazing. If your spa treatment is expanding into a massage as well as hair and facial treatments, you may want to set the relaxed mood with some candles. Shop our range of scented and colourful candles. You can also get candle holders if you are looking to have a romantic dinner on the table and you need beautiful centrepieces. 

Some Fun Games 

You and your partner can also play some fun drinking games with playing cards or board games with the help of our bar accessories. You can also invite some of your other couple friends and family to join every once in a while for a little fun competition. This can help you and your partner get to know each other even better, and participating in different teams will also showcase each of your competitiveness. But, you know what they say; “teamwork makes the dream work”, so always try to be on the same team as your significant other. 

Bake Sweet Somethings 

Exercise your pastry chef skills and bring love to the tray with some baked goods for your partner. You can shop baking accessories and make your creations with ease. We have pans, spoons, and whisks to help you give them that sweetness with the secret ingredient– love. 

Create A Jar With Love Notes 

Make your special person feel exactly like that with a jar full of fun little notes about why you love and appreciate them. You can also add some homemade vouchers such as for massages, to be the one that takes their car to the carwash or to do a fun new activity together. You can get a range of storage jars at The Crazy Store that will look both cute and spacious enough for all your notes and vouchers. 

Final Words 

Let the love flow and celebrate you and your loved one’s bond with little intimate moments. We will be happy to help you select some essentials to help you carry out this beautiful task.