How To Organise Your Sweet Treats Cupboard

Organise sweet treats

Have you started spring cleaning and organising your cupboards? Are you struggling to fit some things in? Keep reading if you need tips on how to organise your cupboards to make sure you have everything you need in order.

First, Learning To Organise 

Before you can start container shopping, you need to understand that there is a bit of work to do. You will need to clean out your cupboards in order to be able to know how many extra storage containers you will need and which kinds. Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • a few hours of designated time (maybe over 2 days)
  • some kind of cardboard boxes, baskets, or containers to sort things into (use the ones you have and make a list of the ones you’ll need).
  • post-it notes
  • pen or marker
  • cleaning wipes, spray, etc.
  • trash can & recycle bin close by 

Your decluttering process will go easier with these because we know it is difficult deciding what to keep and what to throw away. Speaking of, do not hesitate to throw away stale things. Start with those first. Be it old chips, sweets, chocolates, etc. Then organise the rest of the remaining things according to what they do. Baked goods one side, sweets and chocolates one side, savoury things one side, and so forth. This will help you identify what needs more storage containers and space easily. 

Don’t Forget To Clean As You Go 

While you declutter and reorganise your cupboard, clean as you go. This will help you work faster, and you don’t have to worry about coming back to the cupboard to clean once you are done with it. All you will need to do is pack your storage containers and baskets. Speaking of, let us look at some storage ideas from The Crazy Store. 

Letting Baked Goods Stay Good 

When it comes to biscuits, cookies and other baked goods, you want to keep them at room temperature in tight containers. Since it is recommended that you consume your cookies, brownies and other baked goods within two to three days to avoid them getting spoiled, a pro-tip would be to add a piece of bread in the container to keep your baked goods fresher for longer. The bread inside the storage container helps regulate moisture and keep your goodies fresher for longer. Baked goods supporting baked goods is what we call teamwork. 

When it comes to cakes, you want to do the same as opposed to storing them in the fridge as most people do, and pies are usually better wrapped in tight plastic wraps. If you know you will not be able to finish your baked goods in the few days it is recommended, consider freezing them too. 

In With The Old, Making It New 

Bulk items (flour, sugar, rice, etc.) are usually pretty difficult to store, and many people opt for keeping them in their packaging. But, it is unflattering to have your cupboard filled with many boxes and bags of things such as sugar, flour, fruits, etc. Consider taking old crates, giving them a makeover and using them to store your large items with their packaging in more organised containers. You can also get large storage containers from The Crazy Store or glass containers and transfer common ingredients — flour, sugar, pasta, and so on — into large glass jars/containers with lids and place them on the middle shelf for easy access. 

Not Every Can Is The Can You Need 

When it comes to bottled or canned goods, you have to realise that if placed at the top shelf of your cupboard, you may struggle to see what’s what as all cans look the same from a distance. Consider buying storage baskets and place your canned goods on lower shelves in the baskets that will let you see through before making your selection. 

The same goes for chips and snacks. Keep them in storage baskets and lock them in air-tight containers once you have opened them to avoid them getting stale. 

Sweet Somethings 

If the packaging has been opened, soft candies should be kept in a covered candy dish, away from heat and light at room temperature. Stored in this manner, the candy should last six to nine months. If the packaging has not been opened, soft sweets will last approximately twelve months. 

Final Words 

Try to organise your cupboards regularly so that it stays neat and clean. Make it a seasonal thing and always reorganise it when a new season ushers in. Come to The Crazy Store for all your storage container and basket needs.