Must-Haves For Movie Marathons

Family Movie Marathon

When it comes to the colder days in the year, nothing beats snuggling up in front of the television with the family over some series or a movie marathon. Let’s take a look at some of the winter essentials for those snuggled-up nights in. 

Blankies, Blankies For Everyone 

What is snuggling up without a few of your favourite throws and blankets? Whether your tv or viewing room consists of one big couch or a few small chairs, couches, and bean bags for each person, blankets and throws are the perfect way to compliment the seating arrangement. And you are guaranteed to get warm and cozy. At The Crazy Store, you can shop assorted flannel fleece blankets, flannel blankets with sherpa, and even snuggie blankets for you and yours. Take your warmth to the next level with a few blankets and throws, and let the snuggles begin. 

Hot Beverage, Anyone? 

Fix you and the family some warm winter drinks and enjoy the movie or series marathon some more. You can shop assorted mugs for you and yours and try a few coffees, teas, and other hot drinks together. Consider spicing things up every now and then by having your guests bring their favourite hot drink for everyone to try. This can be a nice way to incorporate everyone’s taste into the movie or series marathon. You can make it special by buying novelty mugs for your guestsalphabet/letter mugs with the letters of their names on them for that intimate feeling. 

Slip Into Comfort 

While keeping in the theme of you being warm, we cannot forget that your feet need just as much warmth as the rest of your body. Invest in some fuzzy and snuggly slippers and socks from The Crazy Store and get a pair for you and your loved ones. There are lots of sizes and colours to choose from, so you are spoiled with options. 

Cooking Something Special? Let Us Do The Dishes 

We know hosting a watch party or movie/series marathon means having some snacks and treats for your guests to enjoy. If you want to take it to another level by making lunch or dinner for the breaks between, doing the dishes should not be an issue. Simply get disposable crockery from The Crazy Store and give your crockery a rest for the day, plus cut the dishwashing time in half. 

Matching Loungewear? Why Not? 

If you are having the movie or series marathon with loved ones, there is nothing more exciting than those matching pyjamas or loungewear to enjoy your snuggle session in. You and your loved ones can even take turns choosing what to wear based on the theme of the movie or series. You can even go as far as dressing up as the characters if you are watching something like Twilight, Harry Potter, Marvel Cinematics, etc. Make the movie marathon night a themed one once in a while to see how your guests will respond to it. They will most probably love the added touch. 

Last But Not Least, Enjoy Yourselves 

The movie or series marathon is not just so you can watch whatever is on; it is also a beautiful opportunity for you and your loved ones to bond over something you either all enjoy or enjoy exploring. Use this time to really bond with them and check in every now and then if they are enjoying themselves. Use the short breaks you have between movies and episodes to analyse and offer your opinions on what you are watching or simply address how the screenplay is similar to something in real life. After all, art imitates life, doesn’t it? 

Visit The Crazy Store near you to get some winter accessories and essentials to complete your movie or series night.