Princess Party Decor Ideas You Didn’t Know You Needed!

party princess ideas

Every princess, big or small, dreams of one day having the perfect princess party. And though this seems like a simple party theme, there are ways for you to level it up and make it genuinely unique for your little one and their friends. With the help of The Crazy Store, here are a few princess party decor ideas you can use to enhance the princess party experience. 

  1. Picking The Perfect Colours 

The colours you pick for your decor are probably one of the most essential parts of having the perfect princess party decor! A great way to gather inspo to make sure your princess party is unique and on point is to check out Pinterest before starting your decor shopping. 

We understand that pink is the classic princess colour. However, consider exploring with other fun colours, such as gold, light green, lavender, or even baby blue. Mix and match a few colours if you will - but not too many - and begin your decor journey. 

  1. Getting Princess Party Ready 

When we think of princess parties, we think of unicorns, rainbows and everything in between. Hanging balloon banners, helium unicorns, and a rainbow of colourful streamers are all things that will go perfectly with every princess party. 

You can even get more specific with the type of princess party decorations you’d like to add. If your little one is a mermaid fan, add mermaid tail balloons and a blue tinsel backdrop to give it an underwater effect.

If your little one is a big fan of cartoons, explore the world of different cartoon princess and add some cartoon-related decor. A great example is if they are a fan of Princess Elsa, add some snow decor, or if they’re a fan of Princess Moana, turn it into an awesome princess beach party!

Or maybe they are fairy princess fans, and you can add inflatable wings to your decor, along with a few other fun and colourful fairy decorations

When you’re in decor mode, it’s hard to stop yourself from buying pretty much everything princess-related, but focus on the main theme, and you’ll get everything you need without actually breaking the bank. 

  1. The Activity Table 

A party is not a party if it's not filled with fun and games, no matter what kind. Once you have all the decor, it is time to start thinking about how you can decorate your activity table and what activities you can add

  • Runway Extravaganza 

One of the most fun parts of every princess party is getting to dress up and live in your princess fantasy! A great way to level up the dress-up experience is by adding a costume chest filled with different princess costumes and accessories, so your little one and their friends can play the ultimate game of dress-up. Throw in a little runway, and they’ll be living for their moment of stardom. 

Get every child (and adult, because anyone can be a princess) their own balloon crown headband that they can blow up, adding the perfect touch to the runway moment fantasy. 

  • Build A Wand Station 

Does building your very own magical wand sound like a dream? Each little person can get their own craft set to start building the wand of their dreams. Throw in a few glitter stickers and a few metallic markers, and they’ll be living the dream. 

  • Magical Treasure Hunt 

This one is a classic, and it's always the most fun! Grab a few princess accessories and a bunch of snacks, scatter them around (and don’t make it easy), draw up an enchanted map and watch the little party peeps make memories as they run around looking for all the exciting goodies! 

  1. The Snack Pack 

When it comes to snacks, it's important to remember that you cannot have enough! For a princess party, you need to have sweets and cakes that are fit for a princess. Along with cupcakes and biscuits, mini marshmallows and heart-shaped gummies are ideal, and of course, you can’t stop there. Another must-have is candy bracelets; no matter what your age, these are irresistible. 

For the snack pack itself, try out snack boxes that are the perfect size for you to fit in all the essentials.

  1. Finally, Let’s Get This Party Started 

Once you have the decor, games and snacks, it's time to relax and enjoy the party. Decoration ideas for princess parties can vary with the kind of princess you’re throwing the party for, but as long as you have the essentials, you can’t go wrong! With the help of The Crazy Store, princess decor for birthday parties is made easy!