Stay active with these home backyard games

backyard games in the pool

When it’s a pleasant day, we prefer to be outside and play a few games with our favourite people.

All you want to do is play a few games with your favourite people. Well, this article is the answer to your active gaming woes. Turn your backyard into an arcade for the day. Enjoy the fun of The Crazy Store’s bowling and golf sets. If you are interested in having some serious fun, check out the table tennis options. Finding the fun side of being active has never been easier. Take advantage of these incredible backyard games, sports sets, and accessories to make every day a Saturday by playing The Crazy Store's active games every season. 

Sports day 

Entertaining the kids can be tricky, and there’s nothing more frustrating than seeing your kids bored. Don’t let that boredom bite you; instead, turn your backyard into an arena of fun. You could shop The Crazy Store’s collection of sports equipment, such as soccer balls and tennis balls and many others, to create a weekend filled with delight. This can be done by creating a sports championship in which the whole family can participate. Shoot your shot and shop water guns, split the kids up into teams, and watch them splash to their heart's content. This could be an annual occurrence or a great idea for kids’ birthday parties. 

Swimming champs! 

On a hot summer’s day, the most enjoyable thing to do is get your kiddies into their swimming gear, and into the pool they go. Though, as most of us can agree, it doesn’t end there. Unless your child is like a fish in water, they will probably enter and exit the pool every few minutes. Though if you want them to be entertained for longer, have a look at The Crazy Store’s collection of water blasters and pool accessories to keep their fun afloat. You can take this opportunity to strengthen their swimming skills by joining them and encouraging them to do a few laps around the pool. Shop balls to play with in the pool and while you’re at it, browse the collection of inflatable creatures that will set the scene effortlessly and make the pool look even more inviting, while always keeping a watchful eye on them. 

Find the right fit 

Getting active isn't a joke, but you can do it through fun-filled games with friends and family, like throwing a frisbee. Or create your volleyball tournament in your backyard and challenge yourself and your loved ones to a game that will leave you energised for longer. Or better yet, have a workout day where you rejuvenate your passion for fitness on your terms. 

Games with a claim to fame 

Experience the absolute joy of outdoor games for the entire family. Everyone will want to join in on the fun, from your tiny tots to the family’s patriarch. Rope your family into your workout by skipping together and shopping incredible skipping options. A fun game could be to see who can skip the rope the longest. This is while the rest of the clan joins, cheering them on, singing or coming up with rhymes as they skip to the beat. Another option is to hold a hula hoop competition in your backyard, and each family member gets a turn to hula hoop to their heart’s content. The person who keeps the hula hoop moving the longest without it falling is the winner. 

Final note 

If you are interested in trying to get the most out of your backyard gaming setup, visit The Crazy Store. Browse the wide selection of games, toys, tips and tricks for all of your active gaming needs.