Top Theme Party Ideas For Your Next Bash!

Party Ideas

Are you tired of the boring old average birthday party, where all you do is sit around and eat cake? Although it doesn’t sound that bad, imagine how much better it could be if you added a cool theme! Having a theme for your party is all you need to take it to the next level, so here is a list of the top 10 party theme ideas for your next bash.  

  1. Decade Theme 

Starting off with a timeless classic, pick a decade that you believe is exactly the vibe you need to get the party going. Get everyone to be decked out in their favourite decade drip and embrace your favourite era. 

  • Victorian Age (1800s - 1910s) 

Tap into one of the most sophisticated eras and bring out the ballgowns and the bow ties. Get your vintage decor going and have your favourite symphony playing in the background. Once the mood is right,  your party guests will feel like they stepped staring into a Shakespeare play!

  • The Roaring 20’s 

Embrace your inner Great Gatsby and bring out the colourful suits and flapper dresses. This decade has some of the most distinct and iconic fashion styles, leaving room for everyone to explore. As the decade of fun parties and fashion, it creates the perfect vibes for any party. 

  • The 70’s 

We’re talking bell-bottoms and flair, flair, flair! Being one of the iconic eras of music with genres like funk, disco and soul, you’ll be dancing all night. Known for its fun and colourful fashion styles, colourful wigs and funky bowler hats are all you’ll need to embody the 70’s vibe!

These are just some of the many decade theme parties that will guarantee your bash going down in history! So dive into whichever one you know will get the good times rolling. 

  1. Carnival Theme 

Colours, balloons, candyfloss, and popcorn! These are all things you can expect to see at a carnival-themed party. Carnival-themed party ideas are perfect for those looking to see a variety of different costumes and decor. 

All you need is a bunch of balloons, some different colour confetti, and funky hairspray for those who need an extra splash of colour. Throw in a confection stand with giant marshmallows and lollies that make your tongue change colour, and you have yourself a carnival party!

  1. TikTok Theme 

TikTok party theme ideas are some of the simplest themes to execute. They’re as easy as having everyone dress up as their favourite TikTok star, meme, vine, etc.! Have a playlist going with all the iconic TikTok jams, and watch as everyone cannot help but sing and dance.

For an added bit of TikTok flair, add a few ring lights and a makeshift photo booth to the decor, and you’re ready to party!

  1. Black & White / Colour Theme 

The monochrome or colour theme is one of the easiest themes around. When it comes to decor, go for either a monotone look or make it colourful with various balloons and perhaps a tinsel backdrop. Maybe throw in some colourful, crazy string and add some colour over black & white

Your party guests can each be assigned or choose a single colour they want to wear, or everyone has to stick to the black-and-white theme! This unique party idea is so satisfying, especially when it comes to taking pictures.

  1. Spooky Theme 

Why wait for Halloween to get the spooky vibes going? Embrace all things horror all year round, and throw yourself a spooky fiesta. Party decor and dress code ideas? Freddy Krueger-esque! Things like black balloons, spooky character balloons, and, of course, a tray of eyeballs (which you probably have lying around) are all ideal for your party planning! You can even have a contest where the scariest costume gets a prize!

Honorary mentions 

These are just some of the cool themes you can use as inspo for your next bash, but we couldn't end off without some honorary mentions like: 

  • Beach party theme 
  • Cowboys and aliens 
  • Sports theme 
  • Princes and princesses 
  • Career theme 

These are all fun themes that you and your friends have to try out. Even if there’s no party, why not just dress up for fun?

Final Words 

Forget the boring dinner party idea and bring a new kind of excitement to the vibe with an awesome theme. If you’re feeling creative, you can even try to think of your own unique theme to get things going. You’ll never need to google “what to wear to a birthday party” again because the theme will say it all.

So, don’t waste time; get the planning going and shop for all your costumes, decor and more at your nearest Crazy Store.