Top Ways To Keep It Cosy Wherever You Go

Ways to keep it cosy

Cosy homes are easy to put together. But, if you and your family enjoy being outside and exploring the beautiful scenery travelling through South Africa or anywhere in the world has to offer, you may be wondering what to pack on those trips. In this article, we will take a look at how you can bring cosiness to your travel experience, making travelling in colder seasons ‘bearable’ and other tips on outdoor activities and trips you may need with every season change. 

Prep Pre-Trip 

The nice thing about travelling is that it is a pre-trip preparation type of activity. You always need to know where you're going, where your accommodation is, what it looks like and what it is close to. Use these a little bit better this time around and check if your accommodation offers any extra ‘cosiness’. Most people tend to ask for an extra blanket, so a lot of holiday accommodation companies have ensured their spaces always have some. Another thing you need to check is a heater or any source of warmth. Some places offer gas, some electric heaters. Some have fireplaces; others have air conditioning. Some have a combination of the above. Even pillows are easy to ask extra for, so take a look at what’s on offer, and ask for extra if needed, so you can know what to pack. 

Cosy You And Yours Up

Now that you have an idea of how cosy your space will be, it’s time to get you and your family some comfy and warm accessories and clothes that will make the trip another memorable one. The first thing you’ll need here is a list of which warm clothes your whole family needs for the trip and how those can be packed. Socks are always a necessity, and at The Crazy Store, we have socks for all. You can get the family warm and snuggly with a pair or two. 

Gloves are also an essential worth packing and bringing along your trip. If it is already cold where you live, you can start wearing them in order to save space in your luggage. Remember, every bit counts. So, invest in a few pairs of gloves for you and yours. If you are taking a road trip or if you will be travelling for a long time, consider getting some throws, light blankets, and hot water bottles for you and your family from our winter accessories section. You can make stops at filling stations to refill on hot water or ask the travel (bus or plane) attendant if you are travelling via those. Slip into cosiness with The Crazy Store and complete your cosy outfit with our slippers. And at The Crazy Store, we have slippers for the whole family. Get some snuggles for your feet and enjoy your winter holiday experience and travelling with comfortable and warm slippers. 

Making The Most Of Season Changes 

If you travel often, it may be easy for you and your family to adjust to any kind of season change. If it is a few first times, then you want to be as prepared as possible. If you and your family or whoever you are travelling with are not planning on partaking in the amenities and activities offered by your accommodation provider or want to add onto them, you can get some family games to play together, pool accessories, stock up on marshmallows to make smores, and get popcorn for those chilled moments on the couch. Remember to create a to-do list for all your essentials so you are prepared. 

Final Thoughts 

With The Crazy Store, you can make winter living and travelling a breeze with these tips and products. Don’t let cold days and nights deter you from enjoying the beautiful experiences travelling offers you. Remember to have check-ins with your car if you're road-tripping, and don’t forget to shop for essentials such as hand sanitisers, wipes, car bins, and more to make the trip a beautiful one.