Whimsical Outdoor Games To Encourage Family Time

Outdoor games

Moments with family and friends often remind us to appreciate the time we spend with them. And with the new normal, many people have gone back to taking spending time with family and friends seriously. So, what are you planning with your next family get-together or gathering? Well, let’s take a look at some fun activities you and your family and friends can do together to encourage some quality family time. 

Classic Games Always Win

Whether it’s a fun-filled egg hunt on Easter or a braai lunch during Heritage month, there is always an opportunity for some fun outdoor games with family. Here are some of the games you and your family can indulge in as a family: 

Treasure hunt: You set up a treasure hunt by hiding clues and the treasure. The clues can be simple drawings, words or toys that your family knows and loves. Each clue tells them where to find the next clue, and the final clue leads to the treasure. You can buy toys and cute prizes at The Crazy Store, plus get your pens and papers for writing the clues while you’re at it. 

If you have an Easter egg hunt coming up, consider turning it up a notch. You can do this by putting clues inside the eggs to find the next one, and leading the family to a big stash of chocolate. Customise this game to suit your family’s interests; if your kids prefer numbers to words, write simple maths problems to be solved to get the next clue or a chocolate reward. Or tie the clues to sports trivia, geography questions related to places you’ve travelled to, animal facts, word games or goofy jokes, puns or riddles! 

A fun reward for the Easter egg hunt can be our jumbo surprise egg with a toy and sweets, and you can give this prize to the collectors of most easter eggs during the hunt. 

  • Musical chairs: What’s better than a classic game of Musical Chairs? Here you play the music and have the players walk around the perimeter of the chair circle. When the music stops, everyone must immediately sit in a chair. The one person left standing is out. Remove another chair and continue until only one person is left. You can buy colourful chairs from us and let the fun begin. 
  • Lawn Twister: If you do not have the normal Twister game, consider getting colour sprays and drawing circles on your lawn for a fun game of Twister with the whole family. You can find colour sprays at The Crazy Store. 

Keep It Cool At The Pool

You and your family can have a fun game day at the pool too. Consider playing the following games: 

  • Kickboard Number Hunt: Spread foam numbers out in the pool for your children to find in order from 1 to 10 using a kickboard. You can purchase boogie boards at The Crazy Store in different colours. 
  • The Lost Bottle: All you need for this simple but brilliant game is a clear bottle filled with water. In this unique scavenger hunt, everyone needs to search for the "invisible" bottle—it's harder than it sounds
  • Ping Pongs: Ping pong balls are one of the affordable and most versatile toys to use in the pool. Here's a brilliant idea; draw numbers on them with a sharpie and have two teams try to collect the most balls.

Something For Grown-Ups 

When it comes to games for adults, besides banking on nostalgic childhood games, there is a fun activity that adults can engage in to have fun too. Try paint-filled eggs on a canvas as an activity. For this, you will need empty eggshells with the tops cut off. Fill the shells with various paints, and once you have your eggs filled, put tissue paper squares over each eggshell and use glue to carefully secure them, making sure they're completely dry. After that, all you need is to go outside and start throwing the paint-filled eggs at some blank canvases. Careful, though, as the little ones might find this game fun for them too, and you will have to share with them. Which is a pretty safe game to be played by everyone. 

What’s Better Than Candy? Candy Relay 

Balloons are always fun — especially when you race to pop them. For this outdoor game of Candy Relay, divide everyone into two teams. Give each player a balloon with a piece of candy stuffed inside. Each player must run to a designated spot, pop their balloon, open their candy, eat and swallow their candy and run back to tag the next player. The team that pops all their candy first balloons wins. We have lots of balloons at The Crazy Store so you are spoiled with options. 

Final Words 

Quality time with family and friends is something we take very seriously at The Crazy Store, so we are always stocked up with fun family activities and games for everyone to enjoy. Check out our games and toys section, and fill your trolley with some excitement for the whole family for every occasion. If you are looking for interesting costumes and accessories, we have those too. We can’t wait to get you playing. Visit The Crazy Store near you today.