Your Best Friend Deserves Only The Best!

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Dogs are truly man's best friend; and any and all best friends deserve only the best of pet products. With Best Buds and The Crazy Store's epic selection of pet supplies, your four-legged friends will have nothing but the tastiest treats and the coolest toys!

Give Them Gourmet 

Pets are always there to give us unconditional love and support. For some reason, they know exactly when you need a little extra cuddle and companionship. In return, it is only fitting that they get delicious treats as a token of appreciation. Outside of their usual delectable pet treats and premium pet food, here are some awesome doggy snacks that you can spoil them with:


  • Peanut butter and banana: Cut a banana into bite-size chunks, smear some of their favourite nut butter on it, and watch as they cannot get enough of what could be their new favourite snacks. 
  • Biltong: Opt for the biggest biltong chunks you can find, and they’ll spend all day nibbling on this meaty treat. 
  • Sweet potatoes: Roast up a few extra pieces of sweet potato and give your favourite furry friends a piece of classic Sunday lunch to enjoy right along with you. These are perfect for keeping in the fridge when your pet deserves a little something extra.
  • Carrots: Filled with healthy vitamins and minerals, this crunch snack is both tasty and beneficial for your pet's health!
  • Oatmeal biscuits: Get your bake on and make some sugar-free oatmeal cookies for your four-legged bestie! And don’t be afraid to throw in some apple chunks and a spoon of yummy peanut butter to add to the flavour 


If these recipes fail - which we’re sure they won’t - just spoil them with a juicy smoked chicken leg.


Gourmet is not only about food; it’s also about grooming! Ensure that they stay silky smooth with top-quality pet shampoo and grooming brushes they will make them purr like cats. When looking at pet grooming products, always make sure to check the ingredients to avoid any allergic reactions. 

The Peak of Pet Accessories 

Your pets deserve high-quality pet accessories! Grab a cool pet collar and lead, and some personal touches to it to make sure your little buddy stands out and looks fresh. Get a cool custom LED name tag or add some extra fur to your dog's collar so they are the perfect combination of comfy and classy. Perhaps consider getting a GPS-tracking dog tag to add to their collar so that if they wander off, you still know exactly where you can find them. 


Get the best comfortable pet beds that are the perfect size for your furry friend. While some pups enjoy having a spacious spot to rest their heads, others like being snuggled up on a smaller bed. We all know that big dogs love pretending they’re tiny while the small pups think they run the house! 


The ultimate pet accessory is definitely toys! Don’t slack on playtime and grab some of your dog's favourite kinds of toys when you’re on your next shopping run. Plus, check out some of these fun classics you can play:


  • Tug of War: This is a classic when it comes to the top games you can play with your dog. All you need is a simple tug rope and an enthusiastic pup, and you’re ready for the fun to start. 
  • Create a mini agility course: Put some old boxes together and build your dog an awesome but simple agility course. Have them run through the course and watch as they speed through it quicker and quicker every time!
  • The Sniff Test: Hide a few tasty treats around your home or garden and watch as your pup(s) use their extraordinary sniffing abilities to spot the treats you hid away. This will probably be their favourite game.
  • Water sports: This one isn’t for all pups, but if you have a sneaky little mermaid dog in your family, they will love playing fetch in the water or chasing you around as you swim about 


Final Words 

From dog toys and treats to the ultimate accessories, your pets deserve all the love and affection they can get. Aside from all these cool things, they simply just need your attention and to hear how good of a dog they are! So, enjoy every heartfelt moment and spoil them rotten with the help of The Crazy Store!