Your ultimate host-with-the-most checklist

Become the host

Dear all party planners, do we have a deal for you! Take note of the best party prep products at The Crazy Store. If you want to have a (not-so) little hang with your friend gang and want to tick off your house party checklist in one go, head to the store that has it all, from decor to fun fits, fantastic party accessories and more!

Buy the best party gear, such as assorted paper plates and cups in various colours and sizes, to make sure clean-up is a breath of fresh air for a change. Don’t be out of breath trying to blow up your balloons; instead, make setup easy with a balloon hand pump. And deck out your decor with the helium balloon weights to hold down your hoedown. Speaking of air, get your helium balloons filled at a branch near you. 

Decor & more

Arguably the hardest part about party prep is deciding on decor and how to transform your pad into the perfect place for your bash. Well, that is not a problem when it comes to The Crazy Store’s finest collection of party must-haves. Go balloon bonkers and shop for the best helium balloons that will elevate your blowout, easily. Get your A-Zs and 1-10s with the range of gold, rose gold and silver balloons that will make for great Instagram images. Pose for pictures with the banging balloon arch decor kit that will transport your guests to party paradise. 

Stacks of snacks  

No matter the occasion, snacks are a staple for any mixer, masquerade or meet-up. Shop the treats and sweets that make the best party-pack stuffers for your kid’s birthday bonanza. Savour the sweetness with the widest collection of sweets. Are you on a candy crusade to crunch the cravings? Stop your party from turning sour with our sweet treats.

For all your CRAZY confectionary needs, head to The Crazy Store. 

Dress-up Dos

Howdy Cowboy, let’s crack the whip on creativity with these great costume ideas. Give your kiddie the badge of honour by dressing up as the wildest in the west, and get going with a giddy-up get-up. If you are looking to host a hen party, shop dress-up sets for you and your bridesmaids to brag about your homemaker abilities. Throw a themed jamming jamboree and add mystique to your masquerade ball. Get into character and create your own escapism experience by channelling your favourite Frozen character. If you’re throwing a spooky soiree, get your gear to channel your inner Jack Sparrow. Or create creepy characters for the whole household. There is a world of creative costume characters waiting for you at The Crazy Store.

Final words

While you get your party rocking favourites at The Crazy Store, don't forget to have fun and decorate to your heart’s content. Put on your favourite tracks to jam out to. Invite your friends over for a pre-party palooza and save yourself the stress.