The A-Z of Your Home Workout Needs

exercise at home

Working out at home is ideal for those who prefer to get their gains from the comfort of their own space. The trick to working from home is to evaluate what your goals are. What it is you would like to achieve. Though when you are a member of a gym or a fitness class, the classes and the membership fees will hold you accountable for your fitness. Though when you are working out from home, you are your only trainer and motivator. This is why having a detailed list of reasons why you are interested in hitting the gym from home, whether it be to lose weight, put on weight, tone your body, or increase your overall fitness levels, is a great start to your holistic and healthy journey. Though pro-tip: don’t work out in your bedroom or any area of your home associated with comfort. As you are your motivator, you should remove any temptation that could lead to postponing your session by laying on the bed or couch – try and exercise outside or in an open space with enough room to focus your routine. While you are getting into your beast mode, you can always trust the convenience of working out from home and tailoring your fitness experience with The Crazy Store’s gym essentials and sports equipment

Jungle Gym 

Fitness for the whole family is one of the most popular trends lately. Encouraging your kids and your spouse to join you for a workout is a healthier form of bonding without missing a beat and by breaking a sweat. You might be saying to yourself, “I love that idea, but how do I get them to join me?” Well, you have come to the right place with options such as play tents to hype your kids up for outdoor activities. 


Simply assemble it and watch them run around their colourful fortress while you do exercise drills around your backyard. It is a perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your family by turning a seemingly average weekday afternoon into some family fitness fun. By shopping The Crazy Store’s small home gym equipment, you and your loved ones can incorporate healthy routines into your weekdays. An hour a day could be your workout opportunity, and with the fun options, you could set up your obstacle course or watch your family have a ball of a time by getting your hands on active gear such as soccer, rugby or tennis balls

Jumping Jack of All Trades 

Haven't you heard exercising can be peaceful? Try your hand, mind and soul at Yoga or Pilates, or meditate and find your inner peace by splurging on options such as exercise mats to stretch your limits. Exercise mats are perfect because they take you back to the basics of fitness, with the comfort of knowing you aren't putting strain on your body. Purchase The Crazy Store’s assortment of mats for every sport or activity in various colours are perfect for sit-ups, push-ups, lunges, jumping jacks, or even for practising your squats. Invest in exercise balls because they are known to reduce tension and significantly improve core strength. They form the basis of a full-body workout without a hassle. Gather your family, friends, neighbours and acquaintances and play a game of cricket in your backyard when you purchase The Crazy Store's best equipment for home workouts, such as sports sets. Or play a game of tennis with your friends and experience the fun that fitness can bring. 

Final Fitness Tip 

Working out can be strenuous, especially in the beginning. Make sure that you are perfectly hydrated and have a towel with you. Thankfully, The Crazy Store has the best products to quench your thirst while you put your fitness first.