Craft The Perfect Homework Corner With These Tips

Craft The Perfect Homework Corner With These Tips

The school holidays are coming to an end, and your child(ren) are heading back to school. While this is an exciting time and doing work at school may be easy, with homework, it may be a bit challenging to get them to focus on their work. Let’s take a look at how you can make homework time an exciting time for your little ones with some tips and supplies from The Crazy Store. 

Create A Homework Space 

As a parent, you are already aware that children’s attention span is not that long, and you always need to give them excitement to carry on with their tasks. Think about when you ask them to pick up their toys; you either have to create an exciting game or offer them a reward for completion. Homework needs such excitement too, and a homework space will help your child(ren) have a designated area where they can finish their work. You can decorate the space to personalise it to your child(ren)’s liking and add stickers with words of encouragement and affirmation. If you have more than one child accessing the homework space, then you can organise their supplies and stationery in different storage baskets and label them so that they know which one is theirs. You can shop a range of storage baskets at The Crazy Store and make organising their space a breeze. 

Cut The Noise 

One of the best ways to focus and concentrate, especially when studying, is to have as little noise as possible. Try this for your child(ren) by placing their homework space on the quieter side of your home. You can also invest in headphones and earphones that you can use to play study music or white noise to focus on their work. 

Make Homework Colourful 

Children love exciting colours and themes around their work and toys, as that makes them create a whole new world in their heads and hearts. Ensure that your child’s homework space is filled with colourful stationery supplies. You can shop a range of pens, pencils, books, markers, and so much more in our stationery supplies section. Create a fun and colourful environment that’ll make your child look forward to homework and studying. 

Organise, Organise 

Experts say as tempting as it may be to file everything at the homework station in drawers, boxes, and files, creating a visual effect that's less cluttered and more aesthetically pleasing, it's better to keep supplies out in the open. That's because, for children, out of sight is out of mind. Keep supplies organised but still visible by using:

  • A pen cup with pencils, pens, and highlighters
  • A magazine organiser with notebooks, binders, and papers
  • A bulletin board for displaying important papers or reminders
  • A hook where your children can hang their backpacks

You can get clear plastic containers for displaying your child(ren)’s stationery in a clear and concise way. 

Add A Little Fun 

You can add fun educational activities to fuel your child(ren)’s creativity. Try a colouring book or two and challenge your child(ren)’s creativity. You can also get puzzles, building blocks and some educational games for you and your child to have fun before or after their homework time. This will make your child excited about learning. 

Final Words 

The school year may seem like a nerve-racking experience for your child, especially if they are starting a new school altogether. Remember to communicate with your child(ren) and ask them about their homework daily as children tend to forget as soon as they get home and are comfortable. Always try to help them with their homework to make them feel that they aren’t alone and should not be afraid to ask for help. For stationery supplies, arts and crafts tools, books and more, come to The Crazy Store today.