Colouring & Activity

Let your toddler showcase their inner artist with a colouring book from The Crazy Store! Why, you may ask? The answer is simple – colouring is an activity kids love doing. They can spend hours colouring books to create visually interesting pictures and learn about colours. We’re talking, of course, about the actual colours they use when colouring in their activity books. Through our playful colouring books, they also get to learn about numbers, shapes, animals, fruits, flowers and their favourite television characters or superheroes. This is why colouring books will always remain a top favourite for kids even long after they graduate from preschool.

While we love it when kiddies have hours of fun, we also know the importance of child development. Colouring books provide kids with the opportunity to practise and develop concentration, motor skills and early coordination through the art of writing and drawing – all while having a blast! Your child will get to improve grip and hand strength, which is useful for their development. 

The Crazy Store makes it a fun mission to shop a variety of colour activity books that children can use to discover new worlds and keep their minds busy and entertained. When you visit our stores, you’ll notice that we have a wide collection of colouring books for girls and boys such as the colouring therapy book, Crayola butterfly book, dinosaur activity book, dot to dot connectivity book, fashion stars sticker book, and lots more. Pop by The Crazy Store to add to or start a whole new collection of colouring and activity books your bundle of joy won’t help but enjoy!

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