Home And Clothes Cleaning Tips For Rainy Days

Tips for rainy day cleaning

Rainy days may be great for snuggling and staying indoors with a good book or movie, but sometimes there are days when you find yourself with a few chores and errands that need to be attended to, even on that rainy day. In this article, we will take a look at how you can keep your house and space clean even on rainy days and give you some tips and tricks on laundry washing, errand running and such on those days. 

Let’s Start With You 

If you are working or have to run errands that need you outside the house, then you need a few tips on how to ensure your house is dry. One of the best things you can do is put your shoe drying rack close to your home’s entrance. This way, you immediately eliminate the possibility that you, your visitors, as well as housemates, bring in any mud or water through your shoes. You can also place a plastic clothing basket by your entrance to drop in things such as your jacket, hat, scarf, etc. Always try to leave most of the wet clothes and accessories near the entrance or in one space so that when you need to clean, you only have the one space with water and mud. Cuts your cleaning time quite a bit, wouldn’t you agree? 

Time For Cleaning? We’ve Got You 

Now that you have figured out how not to get your whole house messy and muddy, it’s time to clean the spaces that are and revisit the rest of the house. Start by disinfecting your floors and surfaces. If you have been outside recently, you may have been exposed to a few germs and disinfecting might be the helping hand you need. At The Crazy Store, you can shop cleaning brushes, scourers, buckets, brooms and lots more in our cleaning products section. You can even get hangers for when you need to hang those heavy garments or raincoats, so consider restocking on some at your nearest branch. 

At The Crazy Store, you can get cleaning cloths for when you need to give your surfaces a wipe down. While rainy water can be great for plants, water may not be great on certain surfaces of your house, like kitchen counters. So, ensure that you have enough supply of cleaning cloths for when you need to clean such surfaces. Other spaces you should disinfect also include: 

  • Curtains 
  • Electronics 
  • Washing Machines 
  • Bedding 
  • Carpets  

Hang It In To Dry 

If you don’t own a tumble dryer, then rainy laundry days may be tricky for you. However, worry not, because you can shop for hangers, dryers and pegs at The Crazy Store and hang your laundry on your balcony or in the tiled room of the house for easy drying and cleaning. Try to get towels to put on the floor to absorb any excess water coming from the clothes hanging on the dryer and wring it off every now and then. You should have dry clothes in no time. 

Wash Your Cleaning Equipment 

Because you will be working with mud and water most of the time, remember to keep your cleaning equipment clean. Wash down your broom, make sure your mops are clean and free of little soil and dirt picked up during cleaning, and hang your cloths to dry. 

Final Thoughts 

If you own plants, then you need to remember to take care of them as well. Set reminders on your phone or laptop, and invest in garden tools from The Crazy Store. You can get pots for your plants, sprayers, and markers. There are even toy garden tools for the little one(s) if you have any to help you out while spending time together. Pop into your nearest branch and get your hands on these deals and more and ensure that your rainy days don’t ruin your chore days.