Hangers,Driers & Pegs

Laundry can either be your least favourite or most loved chore around the house.

The difference is how much effort it takes you to complete the task and have your clothes looking crisp and fresh again. Well, when you shop your laundry essentials at The Crazy Store, the hassle is taken care of. Now, you can focus on the fun part – having new, clean clothes to wear. Browse the products in this category and don’t leave your laundry hanging.

Keep your worn clothes neat and tidy until washing day with our assortment of washing baskets. And after washing, use our variety of clothes pegs to make sure your loved pieces dry thoroughly without ruining them with unwanted marks. Whether you prefer wooden clothes pegs or plastic clothes pegs, we have what you need. Look no further than The Crazy Store; we'll make washing day a breeze.

Once your clothes are dry, it’s time to hang them up and organise your closet. Use our bulk coathangers for heavier items and check out our variety of undershelf baskets for the rest. Take a trip to your nearest store and stock up on laundry items that will make your life that much easier.

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