How To Keep The Kids Entertained Indoors

Keep The Kids Entertained

Season changes are often met with school holidays, and when the two collide, you need to stay sharp and keep the little ones entertained, especially on those cold and/or rainy days. Let’s take a look at how you can keep the kids entertained on those days and make indoors-time fun times. 

Sweet Treats, Sweeter Moments 

If your little one(s) enjoy cupcakes and cookies, a bake-and-decorate could be a nice activity to enjoy indoors. You and the kids could create your own cupcake style, or you can make it more challenging by asking each one to make a cupcake for another kid if you are hosting more than one. You can assign them names, and they will give one another these cupcakes once completed. There are lots of decor ideas when it comes to topping cupcakes, so go wild. 

Game On 

Board games are great for family fun, especially indoors. You can shop board games at The Crazy Store so you and your family can engage in some fun activities that will keep you on your toes. Challenge one another and form teams to make the games more fun. There are lots of other games too to choose from. From dominoes to upwords, cards, and even drawing games. 

Speaking of drawing, you can also give your little one(s) the opportunity to explore their inner artists with our activity books for kids at The Crazy Store. There are lots of colouring books, and some even have added decor such as stickers to make the colouring experience a super fun one. So, bring some colour into their hearts and your home with The Crazy Store. 

Reading Kids Rock 

Time away from the outdoors can also help you help your kid(s) with some reading too. You can shop for children’s books at The Crazy Store and open up their imagination even more. You can also get storybooks so that you make bedtime stories nicer. Remember, when children are still young, they love absorbing information so getting them the right books can help a great deal in their development. 

Host A Karaoke Party 

Make them the star of the show and host a sing and dance party. You can have your child(ren)’s favourite toys and the rest of the family as part of the audience too. Get some snacks, some beverages they like, and invite the whole family for a talent show where everyone will perform and cheer each other on. 

Bring The Outdoors Indoors 

Who said you can’t have a camping experience indoors? Exactly, you can build a makeshift tent with sheets and get the little one(s) to decorate it for the perfect camping night for the family. Get snacks, get your games, and escape to a camping adventure like no other.

Give Them On Screen Imagination 

If you are often too busy to engage in all the activities you have planned for the little one(s), you can add some audiobooks to their reading. Books such as The Harry Potter series are great for children and often make them excited about learning and playing. There are also lots and lots of apps that you can invest in that are interactive and have the babies busy for a while. Don’t forget to keep checking in with your child when they are using technological devices, as you never know what they might click to cause a virus or sign up to things they aren’t supposed to sign up to. 

Create Your Own Hunt 

Make a treasure hunt for you and the family to enjoy during those cold and rainy days. You can have different toys or treats on the hunt and make the main prize something special. The treasure hunt can also be in teams to help create a sense of teamwork and togetherness. Plus, everyone loves a bit of competition every now and then, so the treasure hunt will be the rush they need, and we have some cool and quirky novelty toys you can use during the hunt, as rewards.

Final Thoughts, Why Spend Time Together? 

While cold and rainy days don’t often get rid of your responsibilities as an adult, spending time with your children can be a fun and intimate way to show them you love and care for them. Plus, it helps with their growth and teaches them different skills and behaviours. Consider syncing some of your time off with that of your children if you don’t already, and remember to make time for yourself too, while making everyone happy. Enjoy the many memorable moments you will share with the family during colder and rainy days.