Let The Kids Laugh While Learning With Activity Books

Laughing Kids

When we think of a good jolly laugh, we think of our friends, our favourite comedian, or our favourite TV show. But rarely do we think of books as something to trigger bouts of laughter. Books are full of virtues and a fun source of laughter and joy. This is especially true for young kids. One of the best ways for kiddies to have a fun-tastic time while learning is through activity books. Check out our top four reasons why laughter helps you learn:

Laughter Helps Us Communicate

Did you know that laughing is one of the greatest ways to express profound joy? Just think about it for a second… There isn’t another action performed by humans that signals intense happiness like a genuine laugh. In fact, it is highly contagious too! The sound of our little ones giggling themselves red or laughing so loud they roll on the ground makes us want to join them in their joy. What this creates is intimacy between child and parent. We learn more about one another through little fits of chuckles than we do through most interactions. On one hand, parents get to understand what sort of things bring joy and entertainment to their youngsters, and on the other hand, children develop important social skills through self-expression. It’s very important that we teach our kiddies from a young age that life can be playful and not so serious all the time. In doing so, we are raising young people who will know how to cope with the ups and downs that life brings, and they will also learn to laugh at their mistakes and not be too hard on themselves!

Laughter Teaches Us Compassion 

When we share a laugh with other people, we grow a bond with them. Laughing is a humble experience that teaches kiddies to humanise their friends and to become more loving individuals. After sharing a moment with our buddies and growing that bond, we want to help them in times of need and cheer them on when rainy days come. Once a young child sees the laughter of another person, they often tend to want to re-experience that by attempting to make them laugh again and again! Does that sound familiar to you? Kids are the most compassionate and loving human beings, and there is nothing they find more fulfilling than pleasing their parents and mates. We recommend that you introduce fun and entertaining activity books to your mini-you and engage with them as they learn the various social skills these books have to offer.

Swap Medicine for Laughter

Unless you live under a rock, you must have heard countless times that laughter is the best medicine. We couldn’t agree more! Did you know that laughter boosts endorphins, which is the hormone that helps us regulate stress? When we have a good amount of endorphins, our bodies are better equipped to manage pain. That means that the more you laugh, the less amount of pain you might experience when you’re hurt or sick! On top of that, laughter is known to be a natural immune booster. Happy people are indeed the healthiest, and that is all thanks to our bodies’ response to joyful stimuli. 

Remember Everything through Laughter

As if we didn’t already have enough reasons to laugh more, did you know that the more you share a laugh, the more your brain remembers stuff? That is absolutely true due to the fact that humour triggers the release of dopamine which helps us develop stronger cognitive skills such as memory, concentration, and problem-solving. Now, imagine if we could combine laughter with extra learning… This is where activity books come in handy as they are filled with lessons using everyday examples in a fun(ny) and simple way to challenge kids to use their imagination and thinking in order to solve problems. 

Final Words 

We strongly encourage you to prioritise educational books for your young ones. Check out all the cool activity books we offer that your kids will love and learn with.