Love Dressing Up? Here Are All The Excuses To...

Dressing Up

Themed parties and holiday costume gatherings – uniting friends and families and creating new bonds for decades. We all know and love them, especially if we are properly prepared for them. Are you a fan of costume parties and modern cosplay events? Do you find yourself always struggling to complete your costumes because you don’t have the right accessories? Are you always finding costumes in kids sizes only? Worry not; at The Crazy Store, we have the right tools to help you plan the best dress up parties, as well as holiday costumes for adults to celebrate each special holiday the proper way. Let’s take a look at what you can walk away with. 

If You Are The Host 

Hosting a themed costume party must be a busy occasion that needs you running around finding specific types of decor and accessories. The Crazy Store is here to cater to your party accessory needs with everything you need from photo themed prop sets - perfect for baby showers or gender reveal parties, to colour themed balloons and decor that caters for these reveal parties and showers. Add a nice touch to these parties with face, hair and canvas paints that will keep the little (and some big) ones busy throughout the festivities. 

Party trick: try playing a painting game with your guests. Sit them in a circle and ask them to paint on a canvas for a minute. Once the minute is up, they have to pass their canvas to the person next to them who will paint for a minute too, and this will carry on until the paintings are back to their original artists. The “best” looking collaboration wins. You can find a range of colours and sizes for paints as well as different canvases so try this fun activity today. Other games or board games to consider playing include, but aren’t limited to: 

  • Air hockey
  • Table top pool 
  • Dominoes
  • Chess
  • Snakes & ladders  

You can also find a range of games to try out with your loved ones at The Crazy Store, so surprise your guests with a little extra fun during the fun. 

If You Are The Guest 

POV: the stress of being invited to a costume party is upon you once again, and you have no idea where to go. Not when you’re The Crazy Store’s customer. Not only do we have the coolest costume shop for you, but they also come at affordable prices. There’s something for everyone, from wigs to Viking hats and beards. And for the royalty and fairy-like, there are many tiara, crown and wand options. Superhero costumes? We’ve got you too. There are more than enough options for you to choose from for your next party. Steal the show in style and precision and have no one doubt who you came to the party dressed as. You have us on your side. 

For The Fancy Side Of Partying 

Are you and your friends planning a Great Gatsby or some fancy party? You can shop many fancy dress party accessories at The Crazy Store. You can get wigs, necklaces and bracelets, crowns, masks and even glitter. Sparkle, shine and go the extra mile with your costumes at the next party you are hitting and turn heads with our beautiful and eye-catching creations. 

Make The Most Of The Moments 

To properly enjoy a gathering, both the guests and host have to be having a good time. We know it is not easy for a host to mingle as well as cater to their guests, and maybe you may want to consider asking or offering your help to the host when you are invited to a party. It is nice to want to help clean up after a party to make the host feel the burden a little less.

If you are hosting and have a few friends offering to help you, assign each person a role so that they can handle one part of the party and not have to run around too. This way, all of you will be relaxed in your individual chores and guess what? Gooooood times. 

Final Words 

While the lockdown restrictions are easing, a lot of us are tempted to host gatherings and reconnect with loved ones. Do not forget to do so safely and follow all the Covid-19 safety measures and protocols to keep you and your guests protected. Another pro-tip from us: if any of your guests are in no position to drive at the end of your party, consider offering them a place to rest and cool off.

You can also ask some of your guests in advance whether they will need accommodation, and try to find out who can offer accommodation or a lift home too. Come to The Crazy Store to shop party accessories and sanitisers for the party and safety side of things. We’ve got you.