Tips To Make Your Party Prep And Clean-Up Easier

Party Prep

Look at you, our favourite party planner trying to find ways to make your next party as stress-free as possible. We know how much pressure hosting can put on you and are here to tell you that 1. You are not alone, and 2. We have a few solutions for you to make setting up and cleaning up at your party a breeze. 

Kickstart With The Kitchen 

The kitchen is usually the space you will work in the most, especially if you are making food for your guests. So it is important to ensure that you clean it as soon as your food preps are done to avoid after-party backlog. Also, try to clean up after yourself as you work to make the load of the dishes a little easier. Speaking of cleaning up, try to also make it easy for your guests to help you clean up afterwards. You can do this by placing trash cans or storage baskets for different types of containers and packages. If you have your baskets and cans labelled and visible, your guests won’t help but put them to good use. And if you have a dishwasher, consider emptying it before the party so that you and your guests can put the dirty dishes in there once you’re done. Speaking of dishes…

Consider Disposables 

While you may also want to consider hiring crockery and cutlery for your party, you run the risk of still having many dishwashing sessions in the kitchen, especially if the party is a bit large. Think about how disposable crockery can help you with cutting the kitchen time in half so you can enjoy hosting your guests. Another fun and stress-free addition to your party can be plastic tablecloths. And, yes, we have those too. These can help you clean up after, as all you will have to do is either wipe it down or shake the dirt off. Easy to clean parties also encourage guests to join in the cleaning up, but do not be afraid to ask your guests to help you out if you need it. After all, they are your loved ones. Don’t worry about your crockery as well as plastic tablecloths being out of place at your gathering; there are lots of different themes and colour schemes to choose from. So, let's go shopping. 

Takeaways In Containers You Can Afford To Lose 

We know the age-old squabble between friends and families regarding whose container was taken by who at which party. Curb all that noise with our range of beautiful and mighty affordable plastic containers for the guests that want to take your lovely food home. Avoid having to wonder who you gave your precious container that was passed from generation to generation by getting a few plastic containers and setting up a takeaways station for your guests to serve themselves before heading off. Consider it a part of the ‘Thank You’ gift. 

When You Have To Clean Up 

We know some of the mess from your gathering cannot be ignored or hacked. You may need to sweep up and wipe down a few things in your home once the party is over. At The Crazy Store, we have all your cleaning essentials such as brooms, mops and cloths. Plus, we offer air fresheners, incense sticks and more to help you bring back a fresh aroma in your space. Purchase scourers, lint removers, window cleaners, dustpans and more to make the cleaning experience feel a little less like work and more like a hobby. We will guide you through your selections and options.

For This And More 

As mentioned at the beginning of this piece, planning a party can be tricky and messy. But if you come to The Crazy Store, you get to walk away with amazing party decorations and convenient cleaning utensils at affordable prices. We don’t want you to break your bank and miss out on having a good time with your loved ones, so come shop with us and let’s get ready to party.