Toy storage ideas to keep clutter at bay

Toy storage ideas to keep clutter at bay.

It's not a myth – having a tidy house and kids is possible. 

We know that when you have more than one kiddo in a smaller living space, clutter can build up pretty quickly, and stepping on something tiny, plastic, and pointy is a high probability. 

The solution? Get rid of the clutter and create more space. 

Children's toys will always "spark joy", so perhaps the Marie Kondo method is not the way to go here. Luckily for you, The Crazy Store has a pretty extensive range of organisational products that make picking up and packing away after playtime easy.

Here are our tips and tricks for toy storage ideas for small spaces: 

How to organise toys in the living room 

​​Boxes, Bins and Baskets 

Accidentally tripped over a pile of play-things one time too many? Make sure that high traffic rooms like the living room or even the kitchen have a designated space where toys for kids can be packed away. Choose from a selection of plastic and fabric storage boxes or bins that easily fit under your coffee table or in an available corner. If boxes and bins aren't the solutions you're after, try storage baskets and stash toys incognito — they look more like decor and stick out a little less. 

How to organise toys in your children's bedrooms 

Storage boxes and bins 

The trick with children's bedrooms is to squeeze a storage solution into every nook and cranny! Take advantage of the available space under your kiddo's bed without actually taking up the room needed for playtime and activities. Choose from a selection of plastic and fabric storage boxes or bins that easily slide under the bed as an extra place to hide toys, books, games and puzzles. Unsure how to store large toys? Pick a deeper storage box or bin and pop it in an available corner or closet. 

Plastic shoeboxes 

For a clean, clutter-free space that looks like it popped off of the pages of a decor magazine, choose clear plastic shoeboxes or plastic containers to store smaller toys like plastic animals, building blocks, doll accessories and more — for an added touch, label each box for extra playtime convenience.

Coat hooks 

Display your little one's dress-up costumes, hats and accessories using coat hooks; this frees up more space in bins and drawers that is now open and free for extra toy storage. Plus, it turns these play items into fun, eye-catching decor. 


Choose funky, patterned or coloured storage baskets that complement the decor in your tot's bedroom. Popping these on shelves, under the bed or in cubbies are perfect for stowing away toys while adding to the look and feel of the space. Alternatively, lay them on their side and stack them up to serve as open cubbies to display books and stuffed animals. 

Drawer storage units 

Brightly coloured or clear drawer storage units are perfect for tucking away toys post playtime. Opt to designate a particular type of toy to each drawer and pop one of these in a corner, closet or next to your kid's bed. 

How to organise bath-toys 


Make bath-time cleanup a breeze with clear plastic shoeboxes. It is perfect for storing little boats, rubber duckies and sponges and easy for your little one to see which toys they'd like to play with the next time they make a sudsy splash.


Whether under the sink, next to the toilet or on a shelf, baskets are a great way to stash bath-time toys and maintain the look and feel of your bathroom. 

Final Thoughts

Don't lose your home to a never-ending tower of toys! With a Crazy Store on almost every corner, choosing from a range of bins, boxes, baskets, and other storage solutions to keep kids’ clutter at bay is easier than ever.