Toys that don’t make noise

Top toys that don't make a noise

Whoever coined the phrase silence is golden definitely had kids! 

Being a parent has its challenges, and frantically scratching through the kitchen junk drawer to find batteries that work when your little one’s robot dog suddenly stops barking just happens to be one of them. 

Educational or otherwise — has it started to feel like all the toys we buy our children are just too noisy? When did learning get so loud? 

Take a break from beep-booping robots, talking teddies and musical books with a host of silent, sanity-saving options that'll keep your kids entertained. 

Here are a few toys that don't make noise: 

Building Blocks 

From generic building blocks to puzzle blocks, animal blocks, and more available at The Crazy Store, opt to spare your ears for an hour or two and invest in one of the quieter toys for kids. Building Blocks, a form of play renowned for its incredible long-term benefits, is scientifically proven to develop skills like hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and more. In fact, according to Kindred, complex block-play has been linked to higher mathematical achievement in children later in life — all the more reason to add them to your toy box. 


Lower the decibels in your home with dolls big and small — considered one of the oldest and most played with educational toys, having been invited to their first-ever tea party in Greece in around 100 AD. Sure, dress-up, accessorising and pushing them around in a stroller may seem like all there is to it, but playing with dolls can actually help your kiddos develop essential social skills and learn how to process emotions like empathy. 

A sense of make-believe also causes them to encounter scenarios with their dolls and other children, developing their understanding of communication and responsibility. More than just a pretty face and a silent option, discover mermaids, fashion, rag dolls and more at The Crazy Store!

Triassic or Trucks? 

Let's be honest; our kids often fall either side of an even split between digging trucks and adoring dinosaurs. Whether yours is obsessed with one or the other, both happen to be easy on the ears with incredibly educational benefits: 

Team Dino:

Take a Jurassic fossil finding expedition in your living room – battery and electronic roar free – with excavation sets that encourage your aspiring palaeontologist to chip their way into improved concentration, motor skills and patience. Not only an activity your kid will dig, but also a fantastic opportunity to dip their toes into biology, evolution, and scientific thinking.

Team Truck: 

A truck-tastic way for your little ones to learn! Toy truck play gives them a chance to tap into their imaginations and play out truck-related scenarios with other children, developing their understanding of communication. Toys like these tap into your child's naturally inquisitive mind, encourage motor skill development and sensory play. Truck play, like dinosaur play, is full of extensive vocabulary that your tot is likely to absorb like a sponge while they learn.

Offer up a kid-sized way for your children to express their interest in trucks and T-Rexes when you visit The Crazy Store. 

Tactile Toys 

Get messy with a range of tactile toys. Squish, squash and paint or slice, squeeze and mould incredible creations. From the serenity of 3D Paints to noise-free Flowing Sands, give your kiddos a tactile, sensory play experience. Not only do tactile toys encourage self-expression and creativity, but they also aid in developing motor skills, dexterity and identifying shapes, colours and texture. Pack away the rattle and start them young — sensory exploration comes naturally to babies and little ones. Encourage this type of play at home with the best quiet toddler toys at The Crazy Store near you. 

Final Thoughts 

Keep your home peaceful at playtime and ditch the noise, bright lights, lasers, and toys that talk for battery-free, open-ended silent toys that encourage your kiddo to be imaginative, curious and creative.

Unsure where to start?

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