You never know what you might find to snuggle up this winter!


Nobody is getting left behind this winter season. From your fingertips to your toes, we have what every family needs to snuggle up to the idea of winter rolling back around. From fleece blankets to microwaveable slippers and glow in the dark hot water bottles, winter has never been this cool.

It’s about that time, so we’ve put together a few ideas of what you can find this year at your nearest Crazy Store.

Snuggle buddies for every winter warrior

Now, what would winter be without a hot water bottle or a fluffy heating pad? The Crazy Store has gone all out this year to ensure that every one of our CRAZY customers is fully prepared for the cold. Including the cutest microwaveable heating pads in all different designs, glow in the dark hot water bottles and microwaveable bean bags, the list just never ends!

There’s no need to get cold feet

It’s time to repack your wardrobe and stack your shelves with sweaters, beanies, slippers and socks. If you’re missing a few items and are on the lookout for winter accessories, you won’t need to look any further than The Crazy Store. We’ve got it all. From gloves to scarves, and non-slip socks to microwaveable heating slippers; you can have it all for next to nothing.

Chill out with a cup of hot chocolate

Winter is the ultimate season to indulge in all of our favourite hot beverages, and you can enjoy them all from the comfort of your new winter mug. Lucky for you, The Crazy Store has restocked their shelves with a range of mugs in all different designs. Enjoy a hot chocolate in your new horoscope mug, or a cup of Rooibos tea in mugs with wording. You can even carry your coffee around wherever you go with a bamboo mug in hand.

We’ve got your winter covered

Don’t let the chilly season rain on your parade! Step outside and enjoy your afternoon walks or trips to the store with an umbrella from The Crazy Store. In a range of colours, designs and sizes, you and the kids can get from A to B without worrying about wet clothes and frizzy hair!