Learn how to make a cat sanctuary your furball will love

Learn how to make a cat sanctuary your fur ball will love

Becoming a cat parent is a life-changing experience – who would have thought that a fur ball could bring you so much joy? Think about it – before you leave the house in the morning, you can indirectly motivate yourself by sweet-talking your feline friend. And, you can look forward to soft cuddles when you arrive home. Honestly, how can you have a bad day when you have a kitty waiting for you?

While your new cat might be more of a companion now – or another addition to your growing family – you are responsible for its life. While your beloved fur ball will bring you purpose, you also need to work hard to offer your cat the time, environment and care that will contribute to its overall well-being. 

A happy kitty is a healthy kitty, and that’s what we’re going to help you achieve. 

Here are a few cat tips to help you create the cat sanctuary your furry friend deserves.

Catify your home with comfort

When you make the decision to raise a cat, you need to prepare your house for a pet. And by this, we mean “catify” your space. Monitor your cat’s movements and add comfort to their favourite spots. Move your pet cave to a low-traffic area which will make them feel more comfortable. However, if they choose to doze off on your couch, lay a fleece blanket down to protect it from scratches and fur. 

Since cats love to watch the world pass by out of the window – and exit there too – it would be beneficial to add a chair close to a window, to give your kitty enough space to plan its next adventure. And don’t forget to make sure your decorations are placed away from your cat’s reach to avoid breakage. You certainly don’t want grandma’s teapot to get caught in a game of cat and mouse.

Make playtime fun

As entertaining as playtime is for your four-legged friend, it’s much the same for you. Not only do we get a thrill out of watching our cat play on the activity station, but they get the interactiveness they need to stay sane. It’s important that you schedule some time into your diary to exercise (and cuddle) your cat every day. Another way to make your playtime fun is to invest in pet accessories for your cat like a cat playpen. 

Cats love playing with coloured balls that jingle; it adds to their adrenaline when they’re hunting in your living room. If there is something you’re looking to train your cat on, add some cat treats to the mix. Once your kitty does a particular action you’ve been waiting for, reward them with a yummy nibble.

Challenge your furball when you’re away

Now, hopefully, this pointer doesn’t end in your grandma’s teapot shattered on the floor. But if you do your research and you have a clear idea of what you hope to achieve while you’re away, you can keep your furry friend active, entertained and healthy. Much like doggos, cats enjoy being challenged. And when they’re alone, bored or not receiving the attention they want, they can become a handful.  

So, a great way to keep your kitty busy is by introducing a self-feeder to your cat’s playpen. This will intrigue them, and they’ll work tirelessly to figure out this strange object – especially when they’re hungry. You can also introduce new games every now and then, for example, a cat toy ball. These new toys will keep your feline friend entertained throughout the day, keeping their body and mind active.

Change your cat’s activity setup around

It’s recommended that you move your setup around every now and then. This seemingly ‘small’ change will provide your cat with a whole new world of adventure. Now, they’ll be able to explore new areas of the house without sticking to the same, familiar environment. As mentioned, you must consider the new setup’s surroundings to ensure your kitty is safe, comfortable and able to exit the room if need be. Many pet parents try to avoid allowing their pets to roam around outside, but it’s inevitable when they’re in need of some new scenery. Sometimes, pets lose interest in their toys, so by moving their scratchpad, litter box and activity station, you might spark new excitement. Tip: your cat might be confused at first, so stock up on litter bags for any accident they might leave behind. 

Well, there you have it – just what you need to create the ultimate environment for your beloved pet. While you might think that pets only require kisses and cuddles to feel appreciated, they require a healthy lifestyle in its entirety. From what you feed them to how you keep them stimulated, owning a pet is a long-term responsibility that can be extremely rewarding when you put in the work. Speak to professionals on how to play with your cat, or search the internet for new games – there are plenty of things to do with your cat. All it takes is your dedication to provide your cat with a happy, healthy life. 

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