5 Fun Ways to Keep Kids Occupied at Home

5 fun ways to keep kids occupied at home

Whether you’re looking for school holiday activities at home or ways to entertain the kids through another level of strict lockdown, sometimes we need creative, affordable ways to keep the kids busy at home. If not, they might just keep us out of our work until we do. But with kids nowadays buried in screens, how can we make time at home fun, entertaining and even educational, all while keeping screentime at bay and creating lasting family memories?

Well, we’ve done the legwork for you and identified some of the best ways to keep your little balls of energy occupied when spending time at home. Read on for five incredibly fun and simple ways to make “home” synonymous with “happy” in the eyes of your little ones.

Read between the lines 

Reading is fundamental, as we all know, but can it also be fun for kids? When you come to The Crazy Store for your library additions, the answer is a resounding YES! Experts agree that reading to or with children from as early as possible can help improve skills like listening, vocabulary, attention span and creativity while offering a wonderful way for parents and their bundles of joy to bond.

But benefiting from all this requires buy-in from your little bouncy ball, so you need to bring out the big guns to convince them to sit still for a story. Lucky for you, we have a range of CRAZY exciting stories, colouring books, recipe books, and more to encourage your cool kid to page instead of scroll. Bring them along to pick their favourites the next time you visit.

Get out and active 

One of the most beneficial ways of keeping your kids busy is through physical activity made fun. Just like grownups, the little ones also benefit from keeping fit. Some of the benefits of exercise for children include organ health, stronger bones and higher energy levels, without even mentioning the longer-term benefits once they’re grown.

So, how do you lure your little ones away from their social feeds in exchange for some good old knees-to-chest activity? With TOYS, of course! Over at The Crazy Store, we’ve got a collection of playtime products to inspire your kids to break a sweat – from balls and bats to swimming essentials and everything in between.

Craft your own experience 

Still not sure how to keep your kid entertained for hours? Did you know that you can do just that while also creating special keepsakes to treasure forever? Hold onto your seat cause it’s about to get CRAZY crafty!

Crafting is not only an excellent tool to keep the kiddies busy for quite some time, but also to improve some skills while they’re at it. The benefits kids can gain from crafting are plentiful, but they include fine motor skills, creativity and the ability to distinguish shapes and colours. So, the earlier you start crafting with your kid, the sooner they can get creative and have some fun. Pick up some crafting supplies, paint brushes or modelling clay at The Crazy Store for hours of artistic fun.

Learn with laughter 

If we take a page out of any school’s book, learning is one of the best ways to keep kids busy. But entertained? Chances are probably slim. Or are they? If there were a way for kids to learn and play, you’d probably be on top of it before you got to the end of the sentence. Well, there’s some great news about to come your way.

At The Crazy Store, we’ve got a whole range of the best educational toys we could find! From building blocks that promote grip and cognitive thinking to toy instruments that might just inspire the next rockstar to pick up a real guitar, you’re sure to find some educational toys at a store near you that’ll keep those little bodies and brains busy all day!

Let’s play pretend 

The last but certainly not least fun way to keep kids entertained is taking some toys for kids, and playing pretend with them – it will surely make for a great time, every time! Whether you’re screeching around racetrack corners, combing a mermaid’s hair after a swim or popping up a play tent for a royal time, there’s something for every type of pretend adventure at The Crazy Store!

Swing by one of our stores around the corner, and pick your playtime from a pretty impressive lineup. After all, toys will always bring the joy!

Here’s to playtime at home 

There you have it – some of the most fun ways to keep your little rascals busy while benefiting in the long run. Add The Crazy Store to your shopping run, and enjoy seeing your precious kids play the good old fashioned way… without screens.