Redesign your home with our Just Unpacked range

Redesign your home with our Just Unpacked range

A new year calls for change, and if you haven’t thought about where to start, we suggest starting at home. We’ve just launched our Just Unpacked range, including a collection of homeware items that will turn your home into a safe haven. With luscious picture frames, wall decorations, sweet-smelling candles and other decorative items, you can kick-start change with an afternoon of interior decoration.

Luscious greenery

If you’re looking to add a refreshing twist to your style at home, take a look at our green, plant-themed decor offering that is sure to make a bold statement. Including floral wall canvasses, picture frames and assorted candle holders, you can completely transform the look and ambience of any room.

Embracing Africa

There’s not much we can appreciate more than the beauty of Africa, and that’s why we’ve stocked up on amazing African-inspired homeware with our Just Unpacked range. From wall mounted key holders, to serving trays and gorgeous picture sets, you can bring Africa right into the comfort of your own home.

Keeping busy hands occupied

At The Crazy Store, we make sure our parents are covered. Isn’t it CRAZY how busy kids can be? Well, that’s why we’ve restocked our shelves with play sets, plush toys and ‘Make It Yourself’ kits for hours of endless fun. Start shopping and get your hands on our yarn wrapping kits, bath bomb and perfume making sets, and so much more. You may even want one for yourself!

Kitchen fun

Storage, storage, storage! For next to nothing, you can organise your entire kitchen with the click of a finger. Browse through our selection of plastic food containers, snack boxes and salad bowls for all your kitchen needs. And, complete your shopping spree with your very own horoscope mug!