Plastic Lunch Boxes & Containers

Making lunch for your hubby, wife or children could be your most daunting task. Or, it could be your favourite night-time chore. No matter how you might feel about it, we have a seriously cool collection of plastic lunch boxes and plastic containers for sale. Let there never be a dull moment prepping up a storm of weekly lunches and meals ever again with these CRAZY products at CRAZY low prices.

Get them small, get them round. Get them divided and get them colour coded. Whatever your lunch boxing needs may be, we have anything and everything you could ever imagine. If you prefer to separate your food items for your kid’s lunch box, grab yourself a selection of two or three-division containers. Or, purchase a nifty milk and cereal container for cereal-to-go during those morning dashes to the office.

If you find yourself on a quest for food storage containers and dispensers, we have those too. Store your pasta, cereal and other dry foods in containers, and keep your pantry clean and organised. For the most affordable and useful plastic containers in South Africa, find what you need right here, and visit The Crazy Store today.

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