Types of toys every 5-year-old girl will love

Types of toys every 5-year-old girl will love article

There are few things as cute as a five-year-old girl hosting a tea party. It’s inspiring to watch them explore their imagination, make tea for “strangers” and ring up their extensive bill after that. Even though parents and children might not be aware, these types of activities are educational for kids.

As you know, children grow up so fast. By the time your bundle of joy turns five, they’ve either outgrown their toddler toys or broken them. Parents are quick to invest in plush toys available in South Africa to fill the void, but it’s important to do your research on what your daughter really wants.

At this age, you need to be challenging your child with toys that are physically, emotionally and socially beneficial. Certain educational toys and board games can significantly boost cognitive behaviour and improve bad habits. So, to assist you in finding the right toy, we’ve put together a list of toys for girls in South Africa. Whether she’s a princess or a tomboy, these toys will prepare her for “big school”.  

Make your own like a pro

Children learn the most valuable skills when they play with toys that require them to “make” something from scratch. One of those skills is problem-solving. Most of the time, children like to pretend with certain toys. For instance, they’ll make a bath bomb and use it in their next bubble bath to relax. 

Children love making items that deliver results they can bring to show and tell at school. If your little cutie doesn’t have a pet of their own, you can spoil them with a pet they can grow. Grow your own animal toys will make your child jump for joy when they notice their unicorn growing. If your daughter does; however, have a doggo of her own, consider a pet salon play set for pooch grooming. This mobile pet “shop” will bring your daughter so much joy; seeing her bestie looking silky smooth. 

Another firm favourite is play dough. Whether you’re visiting family, friends or a local restaurant for dinner, you can pack in play dough with moulds to keep your daughter entertained all night.

Funky play sets

One of the most popular types of toys is play sets, of course. How could it not be? With such a wide range to choose from, your daughter will inevitably want them all. From a DIY perfume set to a doctor, kitchen or cooking play set; give your child the chance to experience every career they could possibly dream of. They’re great for indoor entertainment, or to use when bonding with your child. These convenience sets provide your child with a creative experience that is healthy for their mind.

Building blocks on-the-go

You’ll always see a five-year-old in deep thought when they’re faced with a building game. Building blocks are a must-have for children as it helps them to develop their motor skills, language skills, reasoning, hand-eye coordination and more. While it can be challenging, it’s a mentally stimulating exercise that children are naturally drawn to. Ours are packaged neatly for on-the-go usage, making it easier to transport around. (And not to forget, it’s extremely funny when the blocks fall down.)

Puzzles never get old

Feeling puzzled on what to buy your little one? Keep them entertained with puzzles; they will never go out of fashion. This fun and enduring exercise is something every toddler adores, and the CRAZY part about our unique options is how modern they are. Including multiple, popular themes in 3D builds, colouring-in options and more, your daughter’s eyes will grow big from excitement with our variety. 

Apart from the benefits of puzzles, much the same as building blocks, your daughter will slowly start to build on her self-esteem once she manages to complete a puzzle by herself. It’s an incredibly rewarding task, and it will bring them happiness to see how they’ve managed to accomplish it.

Final thoughts

As you can see, The Crazy Store has everything your daughter needs. Treat your child with something she will love and visit a store near you to find something unique from the above-mentioned options.