Novelty Animals

If you have kids that go CRAZY over animals, then we have just what you need to bring a bright smile to their faces. Take a tour through a meadow of animal toys and get your kids’ imaginations soaring back to the days of the dinosaur. When it comes to The Crazy Store, we never fall short of providing the widest variety of toys you’re looking for. 

Encourage the kids to play outside with a toybox full of farm animal toys, and let them create a world of animals. They can take care of and imagine stories about their very own farm. Or, give them a blast from the past and educate them about the mystical creatures we once knew as dinosaurs. With dinosaur toys for kids and dinosaur figurines, you can let your youngsters discover a new world outside of their own. 

The Crazy Store has a massive offering of animals toys, so browse through a range of wind-up animals, rubber snakes and lizards. Or, watch them get excited about growing eggs that let them grow their own animals right before their eyes. Kids are sure to fall in love with playtime when they have their favourite Crazy Store novelty animals to hang out with.

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