Fridge Magnets

If you want to know where to buy small magnets, look no further than The Crazy Store near you. Whether you’re looking for cool fridge magnets for the fun of it, or you need to make sure you’re not forgetting about important things to do around the house, we have magnets for everything. Get stuck on fridge magnets that can help you organise your daily to-dos, or string together CRAZY sentences with a collection of word magnets.

For the coolest selection of fridge magnets, head down to one of our stores and browse through a range of unicorn magnets with notepads, days of the week magnets and fridge magnets with fun words. Stick up your notes, letters or your kids’ works of art with nifty refrigerator magnets in all different styles and sizes for your personal preference.

Decorate your fridge with these decorative stickies we know you’ll love. Keep things fun at home with daily reminders, chore lists, family pictures, and whatever else your heart desires. With our range of CRAZY and cool fridge magnets, there’s an item for everyone and every purpose. If you find something that catches your eye, pop by your nearest store and make sure you stock up on what you love most.

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