Plastic Drinkware, Plates & Bowls

Once upon a time in 1973, a gentleman by the name of Nathaniel Wyeth created the first plastic water bottle. Today, there is an array of very different water bottles for sale that serve very different purposes. We know it sounds CRAZY, but that’s what we’re all about. So, take a gander and find what you like best.

We all know how important it is to drink water, and what better way to encourage hydration than with a bottle you love. Starting with the basics, you can find an assortment of sports water bottles, designed for athletic kiddies that need to stay hydrated on the move. Or, purchase a nifty water bottle with a built-in freezer pack to keep your water colder, for longer.

Find what you need from a collection of water bottles with straws, with handles, or with printed quotes. And aside from all the water you’ll be drinking; you should also browse through our offerings of ice cube trays, ice lolly makers and plastic jugs. Have water on the ready with large jugs stored in the fridge, or create weird and wonderful ice lollies in a range of flavours. Everything you need can be found at The Crazy Store near you, so get hydrating today!

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